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Thoughts after watching "Nightmare":

"You're . . . dark."

Father Dean is the hotness, no denying it. And I'm Hindu, and have no priestly memories; he was just rocking that black on black on black garb. Even with his mouth full. And Sam's hair for once didn't annoy me; I can't believe Dean doesn't hold him down and cut it, since it seems like if it got in his eyes during a fight it would be a liability.

Slowly, slowly . . . Dean isn't going to admit that he's worried to distraction about Sammy. Lots of denials and silences have to come first. Nice touch in having Dean clean all the weapons as Sam fears he's being turned into one.

I really liked the kid playing Max and I thought he did a fantastic job. But Dean, didn't you see the best X-Files ep of all time? "Pusher," hello? You don't bring a gun into a place where someone can do things with his mind!

Dean's expression when Sam praised their father was the beauty. Just a little of the burden has been lifted from his shoulders if he's not going to have to be the man in the middle any longer; it was so in character that only a smidgen of that showed through his stoic demeanor.

I'm surprised we didn't see the scene in which Sam tells Dean about Max's mom. And I was sure Jim Miller would have kept a journal the boys could take with them. But I guess he wrote all of his memories of that night on his son's skin.

"Vegas": Aw, Dean, trying for a little levity. Just give your brother a hug! That and your reassurance that he's not to blame are all he needs right now.

Big thanks to Dean for giving me a new nickname for Sam. From now on, he shall be "Spoonbender."
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