kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

I should be writing my bigbang (but am playing breeches bingo instead)

Given that it's been appallingly gross outside all weekend and I know this week will be so crazy busy at work that I will have zero energy by the time I drag myself home. But instead I've been scouring YouTube for vids clips of projects with Kevin McKidd and Rupert Penry-Jones (UK FLISTIES - why did you not tell me about North Square?!? Is it any good?). And then. THEN. I found THIS, and it is making me howl with laughter while I clap like a demented seal.

There were only two films I didn't recognize from this vid, and clearly I need to catch up on them. It's like breeches bingo, watching this vid and identifying clips. Treat yourself!

p.s. - my bigbang is het, so maybe I could get away with calling this vid research? hmmmm.
Tags: movies, on writing, real_life

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