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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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"A Side of Fries" (birthday ficlet for apreludetoanend!) (Gen, PG, pre-series)
looking inward
Happy birthday to the lovely apreludetoanend! You'd asked for DEAN, and mentioned a school cafeteria, and I was all set to write Dean as the eye of the storm in a raging food fight in a high school cafeteria, not participating, just calmly eating his fries, and holding his tray up like a shield whenever a projectile got too close, but then . . . that didn't happen. (Dean, even when you thwart me, I still love you.) Dean apparently wanted some time to himself to think. So that's what you get here, and I hope it still suits! Gen, PG, the boys are maybe 13 and 17?

A Side of FriesCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

Oh wow, this was really beautiful! Dean Dean Dean. <3

I'm so pleased you liked this! Deeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaan!

Makes me want a plate of crispy, hot fries. Loved Dean, lazily spending his school day waiting for Sam to get done. Perfect.

I love daydreaming Dean! Thanks!

Adorable. The end made me smile and smile!

That's nice to hear! Thank you so much!


Wonderfully vivid imagery. I could just about taste the fries. And I love the boys' interaction :)

These boys are all wrapped up in each other, aren't they?

Dean/French fries is the ultimate OTP!

Love how well you intertwine the tiniest bit of angst into what can be generally perceived as a fluffy fic.

I kind of can't believe I don't have a Dean/Food icon!


Very cute! And now I want fries, you vile temptress.

Also, please forgive the total nitpick, but I think the time line of your story predates Buffy, thus preempting the Giles comment. If Sam's still in middle school wouldn't this fic take place prior to '97, the year Buffy premiered?

It's really quite sad that I know that. Please feel free to throw things at me ;)

I am a vile temptress, aren't I?

You're totally right - here's what happened. Work was crazy, I saw apreludetoanend make a post, I commented to that post that she should leave me a prompt if she wanted a birthday drabble, she responded, and I mismanaged my time until I had about an hour to write this. So I got it all down, posted it, and then when I was in bed, I was like, oh, crap, Buffy came later. But I didn't want to take the story down and make her birthday gift disappear, so I left it up and your eagle eye caught me.

No throwing. Just a rueful grin because I thought maybe I got away with something!

He pokes around the library until some wannabe Giles starts reshelving books right around him.

I like the way Dean thinks. This was a very lovely slice of life--not every moment they lived was full of monsters and angst.

Very, very nice. This feels like a little island of peace before trouble comes a'knockin' again.

I hope it was a nice long respite!

Dean's inner workings are at least as awesome as the fries ♥

Adorable, and also that line--you know the one, everyone else is pointing out its sparkly rainbows--is shiny :) Also day dreaming about the car.. so Dean. Now I want fries...mmmm