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Hi everybody!

So, with all of the declarations of love going around, I thought I'd share some things that have made me happy.

A few SPN vids to start with: Title and Registration, the first Supernatural vid I ever fell in love with (season 1 spoilers only). And there's Sultans of Swing, which was made for me (spoilers through season 2). I still love this show, am still invested in it, and while I would like to see it end in May, if they go small for season 6, boys and music and the car, I will stay invested. They've certainly done a lot of things right this year, and sometimes it's easy for me to forget that, since this fandom is so smart and I am so wrapped up in Dean.

Who's watching Chuck? The answer should be all of you! Here's a vid that gets some of the awesomeness of the show across (spoilers through 3x04). I've been loving the show this season, the Sarah/Chuck stuff, Casey, even Chuck's transition from brave but unfit warrior to a murkier-souled spy. As much as I loved Chuck's brightness and innocence, this maturity makes sense and makes for a richer show. And I think it's simply brilliant to have Sarah, aware as she is of how Chuck's changing, doing some changing herself - Chuck's is not the only arc the show has devoted time and energy to: Sarah is finding less to believe in, less virtue to doing as she's told, more value in herself. That's lovely to see. I don't know if Casey has an arc, per se, but come on, he's Casey, and therefore can stay as is forever and I will love him. I think the last episode's coupling of Sarah and Shaw was clumsily handled, but I am jazzed to see what happens next.

It's been a Sarah Shahi kind of week - always a good thing! I've missed her kicking ass as Dani Reese - I should just note here how many amazing female characters I've been privileged to see since I first tuned the TV to shows I wanted to watch: Scully from The X-Files, Zoe from Firefly, Dani from Life, Sarah from Chuck, Lucille from Arrested Development, Veronica from Better Off Ted, Susan from Touching Evil, Chuck and Olive from Pushing Daisies, Veronica from Veronica Mars. Sarah kicked ass on last week's Psych (and this week's ep was even better, spotlighting Juliet, and proving that the relationships on that show have been earned, despite the unevenness of the series). I also watched Sarah in Shades of Ray (with Zachary Levi!) and she was lovely and amazing in that as well. Recommended.

And it's probably too late for this show - word is that the cast is accepting roles on other shows - but do yourself a favor and watch the "Lust in Translation" ep of Better Off Ted over at hulu and laugh your ass off for twenty-one and half minutes.

So, watch! enjoy! I hope you all have a lovely day!
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