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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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because i love you
a blistering beauty
Hi everybody!

So, with all of the declarations of love going around, I thought I'd share some things that have made me happy.

A few SPN vids to start with: Title and Registration, the first Supernatural vid I ever fell in love with (season 1 spoilers only). And there's Sultans of Swing, which was made for me (spoilers through season 2). I still love this show, am still invested in it, and while I would like to see it end in May, if they go small for season 6, boys and music and the car, I will stay invested. They've certainly done a lot of things right this year, and sometimes it's easy for me to forget that, since this fandom is so smart and I am so wrapped up in Dean.

Who's watching Chuck? The answer should be all of you! Here's a vid that gets some of the awesomeness of the show across (spoilers through 3x04). I've been loving the show this season, the Sarah/Chuck stuff, Casey, even Chuck's transition from brave but unfit warrior to a murkier-souled spy. As much as I loved Chuck's brightness and innocence, this maturity makes sense and makes for a richer show. And I think it's simply brilliant to have Sarah, aware as she is of how Chuck's changing, doing some changing herself - Chuck's is not the only arc the show has devoted time and energy to: Sarah is finding less to believe in, less virtue to doing as she's told, more value in herself. That's lovely to see. I don't know if Casey has an arc, per se, but come on, he's Casey, and therefore can stay as is forever and I will love him. I think the last episode's coupling of Sarah and Shaw was clumsily handled, but I am jazzed to see what happens next.

It's been a Sarah Shahi kind of week - always a good thing! I've missed her kicking ass as Dani Reese - I should just note here how many amazing female characters I've been privileged to see since I first tuned the TV to shows I wanted to watch: Scully from The X-Files, Zoe from Firefly, Dani from Life, Sarah from Chuck, Lucille from Arrested Development, Veronica from Better Off Ted, Susan from Touching Evil, Chuck and Olive from Pushing Daisies, Veronica from Veronica Mars. Sarah kicked ass on last week's Psych (and this week's ep was even better, spotlighting Juliet, and proving that the relationships on that show have been earned, despite the unevenness of the series). I also watched Sarah in Shades of Ray (with Zachary Levi!) and she was lovely and amazing in that as well. Recommended.

And it's probably too late for this show - word is that the cast is accepting roles on other shows - but do yourself a favor and watch the "Lust in Translation" ep of Better Off Ted over at hulu and laugh your ass off for twenty-one and half minutes.

So, watch! enjoy! I hope you all have a lovely day!

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Thanks for that vid link - I love Chuck! I have loved his character progression this season, and adored the eps with Awesome in them too. I am waiting to find out Hannah is some sort of spy! But i want more Morgan in it.

Isn't that vid amazing? So energized, such pretty edits.

By the way, the vid you linked to yesterday scared the bejesus out of me, so thank you for that!

I really adore the Chuck and Morgan dynamic - though their reunion at the end of the Halloween episode was played for laughs, it's clear that they really do love each other.

(And I could not take it if Hannah were a spy too! I want her to be normal, and have Chuck realize that a normal girl - however adorable and perfectly matched to him - will never replace Sarah in his heart.)

Awesome has been awesome (as advertised!), but I wish Ellie weren't automatically there, because the character really annoys me. At least, I don't like the actress and I don't like the stuff she's been given to do on the show, but I adore her in fanfic.

I thought the Ellie and Morgan arc could've been fun, but they didn't play it out long enough IMHO, but then i seem to recall these eps were written when they thought they only had a 13 episode season.

I would be quite happy if Hannah ends up with Morgan!

The Ellie and Morgan arc made no sense at all, which is such a shame, since it could have been really interesting and should have not been rushed. Like, how is Chuck dating Hannah supposed to explain the Paris trip? or Awesome's rant about strings? or ANYTHING?

Hannah and Morgan could work for me, but honestly I cannot imagine having Chuck and then being content with Morgan.

Ooh, I like your thoughts on Chuck, and thank you for the Chuck vid rec, that was amazing!

Oh, I just love Chuck! Except for Shaw. He's so uninteresting.

Glad you liked the vid - I've been rewatching it obsessively.

Happy Valentine's Day, m'dear! And Sarah Shahi love! I approve of this very much. ♥

And belatedly to you too!

I think she's amazing and so beautiful!

I have to admit that at the end of season two of Chuck I was leery of how it could play out, but I'm loving it to. I love that he is getting a bit more of a thick skin, but I also hope that he maintains certain boundaries as much as possible - because I've always loved that Chuck was able to save the day a lot because of his emotional investment. So I don't want that to completely go away, but I do like him becoming competent and able to care for himself.

Ah, see, I thought it was very smart of them to end season 2 the way that they did - Chuck choosing to step up and become the host for the intersect. That it came with all these new features seemed like a source for potential hilarity as well; I totally did not expect this new, darker Chuck, but it makes sense for the story, and so I'm loving it.

That is an awesome Chuck vid! Thank you for the rec.

I like the others too, of course.

I agree with you on Better off Ted too. I really enjoy it, but I don't hold out much hope.
Have you seen the outtakes from the Impertence of Communicationizing ep? It's really not work safe, but it's really funny.

Wasn't the vid amazing? I just keep watching it over and over . . .

Yes, a friend who doesn't watch BOT sent me a link before the ep even aired, so I was a little confused (I thought it might be their gag reel), but it all clicked once the ep aired. God damn, but that is a funny cast. I'm so sad the show didn't get much of a shot - it really should be on ABC's Wednesday night comedy block, and then ratings would soar!

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