kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

Arrested Development: Final Countdown

I pray for the stars to align and for this remarkable show to continue with its full cast, incredible writing team, and presiding genius Mitch Hurwitz at the helm. Do the right thing, Showtime! Come on!

Over at TWoP, there was a thread for Arrested Development-inspired haikus. My contributions are behind the cut.

Meet the Bluths! They are
Sweetly intolerant. And
Narrator's fun too.

O, widow with the
Brownish points, you're just like juice!
Love or vertigo?

"No hair for oil!" But
Who's listening? Pole-dancing
Might just do the trick.

Sly peanut brittle,
Now he thinks he's Steve McQueen,
Busty loves Lucille.

Hot Cops teach lessons
And sometimes choir. All that's left
Is an outflung arm.

Pantyhose pranks is
Like Breakfast at Tiffany's.
GOB and Wife in love!

Drunk: "I love Marta."
Sober: hides in the staircar.
How can he tell her?

Worldbeater or not,
Maeby knows what to write to
Gangee: "Love, Fatty."

Ball-gags and arseholes,
Funke overcompensates,
Wearing leather wrong.
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