kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

Better Off Ted at Yuletide!

Hi, everybody!

(Prepare for me to flood your flists, as this is the first chance I've had to post since before Christmas, what with swine flu, end-of-year stuff at work, a trip with my family, dealing with all of the paperwork from end-of-year stuff, and general exhaustion. Yay for this three-day weekend!)

I am belatedly turning a spotlight on the wonderful, fabulous story that was written for me during this year's Yuletide. All three of the Yuletide fics that were posted in Better Off Ted were seriously amazing and sharp and perfectly in character, but this one was written for meeeeeee! eisoj5 took an offhand suggestion I made, incorporated all of the elements I'd asked for, turned the whole thing up to eleven, and then pushed Ted and the crew into . . . zombieland. You know you want to read it, so here it is!
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