kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

a heart full of thanks!

My cable, internet, and phone cut out on Friday, so I've been feeling very out of the loop and disoriented. (It's one thing for me to decide that I don't have the time to get on lj for a weekend; it's another thing entirely for the option to be taken away from me altogether.) So I finally got everything hooked back up, and I saw a dozen snowflake cookies on my profile page, and I actually had a "wait, it's not my birthday!" moment. And then I came to my senses and realized I know so many lovely women, who don't tie themselves down to calendars when it comes to doing something generous for someone else. So thank you all so very much! (And girlmostlikely, Better Off Ted comes back on Tuesday!)

Given the unexpected outage and workmen tramping all over my apartment all weekend (to fix the oven, the water heater, and the cable/internet/phone), I didn't meet either of the two big goals I'd set for myself: finish a draft of my Yuletide story and scrub the apartment from top to bottom again (I let it slide while I was sick, and while it's neat, it's not sparkling.) BUT. I did watch a few movies so I can get my Netflix queue moving again, and OH MY GOD, I forgot how unspeakably beautiful Raul Julia is in Kiss of the Spider Woman. He is mesmerizing and just lovely, and I remembered all over again why he has always been my absolute number one crush of all time.

I think I will go eat more of the bread and cheese and fruit I bought at the greenmarket yesterday, and then see if I can poke at my Yuletide story again.
Tags: real_life

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