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Dear Yuletide Author


I should say first off - thanks! I think you're nifty to write something in a tiny fandom we share!

Here are my general likes and dislikes: I'm fairly catholic in my tastes; I read and write all of the following: gen, het, slash, humor, horror, angst, character-driven pieces, plotty pieces, etc. I don't really enjoy unremittingly dark fic, and I don't want anything with a terribly unhappy ending, threesome, or heavy kink, please. I swoon for humor. And I quite enjoy romance (and prefer it to smut, though I don't have a problem with smut that's in character). I'm not terribly fond of crossovers - the ones I do like are ones that stay fairly true to both canons, and the characters are thrown together more for plot reasons than just for PWP reasons (also not a fan of PWPs).

Here's my master fic list, if you'd like to see the kind of things I write and here's my list of fic memories, if you'd like to see the kinds of things other people wrote that click for me. I've got an "on writing" tag that might also be useful.

Please don't stress over the details - I'm crazy about these four shows/movies - just think of the characters I requested as mostly suggestions. Details follow.

Now for the specifics, listed alphabetically:

Better Off Ted - Lem, Phil, Ted, Veronica - Anything highlighting how adorable Lem is would be great - I love his loopy relationship with Phil, and the way that Ted and Veronica watch the two of them. Maybe something with Veronica relying on some Phil-and-Lem product for her beautiful hair? Something with Veronica organizing some kind of obstacle course that all of the scientists or all VD employees have to get through? Not a huge fan of the Ted/Linda saga, quite like Ted/Veronica and Lem/Lucy, but would be very happy with gen.

Community - any - I really enjoy how the show has kept things interesting by pairing up characters you'd never expect to interact for funny storylines. It seems silly to pick favorites, but Abed, Annie, Britta, Jeff, Shirley, and Troy would be wonderful to see. Something with some intramural challenge, maybe? Not a huge fan of Jeff pining for Britta.

Middleman - Middleman, Wendy - I love that Wendy and the Middleman have this would-be father-daughter relationship (so PLEASE do not get them together romantically). I'd like to see them working a case together (something like the one with the Austin Powers Middleman would be fantastic) and have them be equals and partners. If you'd like to bring in Ida, Lacey, Tyler, and Noser, I'm all for that, but the focus should really be MM and WW.

Walking & Talking - Amelia/Andrew - I would love Amelia and Andrew fic, and have no real preference for the time period (during their first relationship, while they're friends, or in their second relationship), though I will admit to being especially curious about what happens when the movie ends. I just love these two crazy kids, so anything with them at the forefront will make me super happy. Feel free to throw in Laura, Frank, Bill, the douchey therapist, Big Jeans, and Andrew's dad.

Thank you so much! I know I will adore whatever you send my way!

D'oh! ETA! This has nothing to do with what you write, and everything to do with timing. I'll be out of the country for a few weeks just when the archive goes live, so you won't be hearing from me for a little while. I'm saying it now so you know the delay is in no way a reflection of how much I adore your story. Thanks again!
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