kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

I'm surprised the Dean/Henricksen girls haven't said anything (tiny 5x08 spoiler)

In 5x08, "Changing Channels," which I could not stop giggling at, there was one line that sounded very, very familiar: When the boys are in the CSI rip-off, and the lollipop-sucking guy comes up to them and says, "So, what do you think?" Dean's response is, "What do I think? I think go screw yourself, that's what I think." Which makes precisely no sense, except that almost exactly the same statement was made by Henricksen when he first introduced himself to Dean: "How'd you know we were even here?" Dean asked. "Go screw yourself," Henriksen sneers, "that's how I knew."

So I wonder if the repetition was deliberate, as a sign that Dean still remembers what Victor said to him all those years ago. Poor Dean - none of his friends ever survives for long.
Tags: supernatural

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