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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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OTP, Rapture Drabbles 4 (Sam/OMC), more TV
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
D'oh! In my tv post from the other day, I totally forgot to mention that Chuck might be back earlier than expected - possibly even October or November! Fingers crossed!

It's totally weird to have my birthday just around the corner and yet not be writing Ben and Dean. Man, do I miss them. But I left them in such a happy place that I - dorktastically, no doubt - have no desire to disturb them.

Maybe some barely-there teen slash would help? Here's some more Sam/Pete:


There’s a bubble of blood, a smear of dark red, on the tip of Pete’s finger, seeping through the sickly tan of his Band-Aid. It’s not like Sam’s ever gotten queasy at the sight of blood, but he has to avert his eyes from Pete’s hand every time it comes into view.

Bad enough he has to see Dad bandaged up. Bad enough that he’s the one who bandages Dean up most of the time, promising himself each time that it will be the last.

There’s no way he’s going to be okay with seeing Pete’s blood too. No way.

"Lucky" + "Vertigo"

Pete’s still in his button-down shirt from church and Sunday night dinner at his aunt’s house; his face is serious in a way that makes him look older than he should.

"Lori said Aunt Jean would flip if she knew," Pete says. "It’s so stupid."

"What is it?" Sam asks.

"Lori’s been seeing this guy, Ray," - Sam nods, he remembers that much - "and he’s black."


"It shouldn’t matter, right? Lori’s gonna catch hell, just for that."

How can that possibly still matter, in this day and age?

"I got lucky with my parents, but Lori didn’t."

"She has you."

Pete smiles self-deprecatingly at that, and Sam shakes him. "I’m serious."

"I just feel bad for her. My mom’s practically ready to adopt you, but Lor can’t even mention Ray in front of her mom."

"Well, I am pretty great," Sam jokes, needing to see a real smile on Pete’s face.

"And your family’s been cool with us, too, right?" Pete asks.

"Yeah," Sam says, not even sure if he’s lying. Dad doesn’t know, but does Dean? If Dean knew that he’d kissed Pete and wanted to do it again, would he still want to be Sam’s brother?

Sam shivers.

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Aw. I especially like the insight into Sams head that he doesn't want to be ok with seeing his loved ones' blood.

Sam is just awesome, isn't he?


Aw, Sam. This sounds so believable for how his teenage mind would've worked.

Sam is just budding here - but that Samness of his is untouchable. I'm so glad this worked for you!

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