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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Yuletide prep
dean writes
I'm still not sure I'll have the time to actually write in Yuletide, but if SPN really will be on hiatus from the end of November through some time in January, the odds are better.

I just nominated: The Good Wife, Better Off Ted, How I Met Your Mother, Walking and Talking, Out of Sight, and The Middleman. I'm surprised that the system wouldn't let me nominate Leverage - I haven't seen very much by way of fic - but I'm happy with my list (I cribbed heavily from my FFF list).

What are you all nominating, if anything?

Now to start the story I've been wanting to write for weeks, so I have something to post for my birthday twin!

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You can - they prefer that you don't, and that you talk up your small fandoms on your flist to inspire someone who's participating to nominate those fandoms - but you could.

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