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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
So there's been a lot of talk, especially in fic comments, about various "kinks" that people have. My number one has always been voices. Not necessarily the kind of "deep, booming" voice Edmund Blackadder once tried so memorably to imitate - James Earl Jones's voice does nothing for me - but a voice that can be used as an instrument, something that is flexible, layered, and shiver-inducing. And I've been lucky to find quite a few men that have voices that I respond to. A few samples:

Alan Rickman

Kevin McKidd (just the first 1:40)

So tell me: who else should I be listening to?

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Will be back to download the sound samples; I have too many tabs and windows going as it is. :-)

As for voices, gah. Yes. There are certain voices I would listen to if they read the phonebook. And, I have a knack of recognising voices, too. For me, language and music are intertwined, and I definitely think voices should be instruments for actors. They can be deliberately void of emotion, but that is something entirely different from mere woodenness due to lack of talent.

I have a clip of Jeremy Irons reading from Lolita, and some sonnets read by different actors somewhere on my harddrive, if you're interested.

A clip of Jeremy Irons would be much appreciated. And the Alan Rickman link above is actually from the CD When Love Speaks, a collection of Shakespeare sonnets and songs as interpreted by various artists and musicians.

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