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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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WTF x 2
dean says wtf
I just don't get people sometimes. Here's what my evening was like:

(1) Leave work early so I can be home in time for the plumber (to hook up my new washer and dryer). A group of seven or eight boys who looked like juniors or seniors in high school got on the same subway car and immediately started performing. But they were TERRIBLE. They couldn't stay on key, didn't even know the words to the songs they were "singing," so they kept switching like they were in the middle of the most demented medley ever: "Although we've come to the end of the road, / Still I can't let you go / I love you, you love me, / We're a happy family / In the still of the night / I held you, held you tight / All you single ladies, all you single ladies." And they were LOUD. And had the nerve to pass a hat at the end, laughing the whole time about how awesome they were.

(2) Then the plumber, who is awesome, brought an assistant along to help move the washer and dryer. They worked for about an hour, and they'd left and I'd just settled down with a mug of hot chocolate to watch Glee and Leverage when the doorbell rang, and the assistant was at my door. He asked if my hot water was working. So I led him to the kitchen, where I tried the tap. As we're standing there waiting for the water to get hot, he asked me where I'm from. "India," I said. "But I bet you're not Sikh, right?" he said. "Right," I said, wondering how he knew that - Hindu women and Sikh women are, in my experience, pretty indistinguishable. "Yeah, some of my customers are Sikhs. They're so cheap - cheaper than Jews," is what he comes out with next. I'm standing there with my mouth hanging open, and I guess he thought I hadn't heard him or fully appreciated his rapier wit, so he repeated it, this time with feeling: "They're cheap - even cheaper than Jews." I wanted this guy out of my apartment immediately. "Water's hot!" I said, and ushered him to the door. WTF?
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The first one is sort of typical eye-roll stupid boys, but the plumber assistant? What? The fuck? What do people THINK?

He thought he was HILARIOUS, I guess. Ugh. I just wanted to kick him in the balls.

"Yeah, some of my customers are Sikhs. They're so cheap - cheaper than Jews

SEE ICON. I'm surprised you didn't pick up the washing machine and throw it at his head.

I don't even understand how he thought that remark would be funny, useful, or worthwhile. Seriously, what was the point?

Wow. I admire your restraint. Stupid boys and a colossal dufus in one day. And you ushered him to the door. You deserve a medal for not booting him out.:D

Honestly, it wasn't so much restraint as . . . a refusal to engage - when someone is that much of a fucking idiot, there's nothing I could say that would make that clear. Grrrrrrrr.

They're cheap - even cheaper than Jews

Oh? How much are you currently paying for Jews?

I'm sorry - I live to be completely inappropriate.

The idiocy amazes me.


Hee! You actually got me to laugh about this!

I'm sorry - I live to be completely inappropriate. Well, keep up the good work!

???? The former is just boys being boys, but the latter? ....no words.

Ugh ugh ugh. How are people so fucking STUPID?

I do not know!

It's like when I got into a cab, and the driver asked me right away if I'm Indian. I said yes, and he launched into a rant about how cheap Indians were, how we never tipped, etc., and I was like, Hello, self-fulfilling prophecy - you just talked your way out of a tip, asshole.

Oh teen boys will the wonders never cease?

I can't believe the assistant actually said that out loud... I would have thought that somebody who worked in a service industry would kinda get the idea of not alienating customers so they're repeat customers. People continue to amaze me.

I could not tell you how someone in the service industry could think that was appropriate, but I can tell you that this guy was at least middle-aged and I'm not surprised that he's still just an assistant at his age.

Oh. My god.

That would prompt a call to said plumber's office bright and early. Jayzus.

Yeah, I was not a happy camper.


I just had to close my jaw with my hands, because it was just hanging there, open.



I'm not sure which is boggling me more: the ignorant bigotry, or the sheer stupidity on display.

And he said it in this weirdly buddy-buddy tone. Like now that he knew I wasn't one of them, surely I was in complete agreement with him.

Guy 2 needs to attend to his own pipes rather than anyone else's. He's got some seriously ugly crap gumming up the works and then spewing out on people unexpectedly.

The teenage boys I find sort of amusing. Which is nice, because it slighhtly reduces the stabbity rage I feel at the plumber. WTF, seriously? I just... how did he imagine that conversation would go?

I might have found the boys amusing if they weren't singing at the tops of their lungs for thirty minutes straight, and everyone in the subway car looked ready to start some serious smiting.

I don't know what he was betting my reaction would be. Surely he thought I'd laugh at his wit and then join him for more stereotyping and offensiveness.

OMG, what a douchebag! Good for you for handling it gracefully, but what the hell is wrong with people? Did he think you were going to agree with him just because you aren't one of the groups he's slamming? It doesn't work that way, dude.

You know, when he asked if I was a Sikh, I said no, and then started to say that a cousin of mine had married a Sikh, but that was when he started spouting this garbage. Gross.

I'm flabbergasted. What an utter dolt!

URGH. People are can be so terrible.

*hugs in commisseration*

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