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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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what's shaking
me in springfield
Hi, everybody!

Given that I post only sporadically anyway, I doubt that anyone's been wondering where I've been. But I'll tell you anyway - I've been moving! I bought an apartment, and after months of delays and assorted stupidities, I finally got into the place the second week of August. I was the only person living in the building for a few weeks, but I just got some neighbors, so now it's the three of us rattling around in this building, with occasional visits from assorted handymen, plumbers, etc.

There's no point in listing all of the things that went wrong before or have gone wrong since. Bottom line: almost everything is put away/cleaned up/organized; I just bought (online) couches for the living room and chairs for the dining room, which are the last pieces of furniture I needed; and I will be posting pictures once everything is in place. Too bad I won't have a comfy couch to roll around on while I watch the Supernatural premiere, but it's likely that I would melt into a boneless goo while watching Dean strut his stuff on my new high-def TV in any case.

Full details on the place when I finally have everything set and post pictures. But now let's talk about you! What's up with you? How was your summer? Did you read anything amazing recently? Watch anything fantastic? (Which reminds me - everyone should check out the absolutely awesome vid almostgaby made me for spn_summergen: Sultans of Swing.) Did you visit someplace wonderful? Did you eat a great meal? Discover a secret talent? I'd love to hear all about it!

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New apartment--that's awesome!

It is indeed! I'm super excited!

Wow, yay for buying an apartment!! I'll be looking forward to pictures and details. :D

This is the most money I've ever spent on anything, and it's a little dizzying! Pictures to come, after the new furniture arrives!

I'm so glad you're finally moved in. Good luck with getting all the furniture delivered.

If you haven't watched it yet, this vid has been my happy, heart-clutchy oh, boys place for a while now. Sigh.

Thanks, honey! I will also take a look at that vid tonight - before SEASON 5!

Congrats on the move!!! It sounds like everything is going very well. =D

Thanks! And it is - slowly but surely.

That's so exciting! =)

And: I was just wondering yesterday where you've been. I was trying to write an OFC and thinking of you because you always do OCs so well.

Quiet, you - you're making me all blushy! Thanks so much - and let me know if I can help out with the fic, okay?

It was for kamikazeremix, and I had a little issue where I thought the deadline was later than it really was, so I had to write it last weekend and turn it in right away. I don't even have a tenth of your talent for OCs, so right now, I'm letting myself be satisfied with the fact that she doesn't swoop in and save the day. I've heard that counts for something. *g*

Awww, I'm sure the story and the OC both kick ass!

And yay, new place! I'm glad you're all moved in. :)

Um....i haven't done much of anything exciting, heh. Sorry! Guess i'll be posting my summergen fic to my lj today and.....my remix fic tomorrow.
Th-th-that's all, folks!

Trust me, writing sounds plenty exciting to me - I feel like it's been forever since I was able to just let everything else go and just sink into the process of writing. Of course, that might be because the only couch is at one end of the new apartment, and the modem is at the other!

And never the twain shall meet?

I don't think i could write on the couch. Too cushy and comfy. I'd nod off every time....

Well, I packed away the desktop because of space limitations, and because that thing's on its last legs anyway. And there's no comfortable place to sit except for the couch, but when I'm on the couch, the laptop is so preoccupied with trying to find a wireless signal and then dropping that signal that it gets a little distracting. Plus I want to catch up on my flist, which is not conducive to the SERIOUS BUSINESS of writing.

OMG! Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures!

Thanks, sugar! I will be posting soonishly!

Oh, congratulations! I hope you'll enjoy it!

I'm always happy to learn what's up at your end. I saw that you've posted gen fic; will read when I can. :-)

I'm already enjoying it, frankly - I've been looking forward to it for so long, and now that it's real, it hasn't gotten any less cool.

Read whenever the time is right for you - how's school going for you?


Heh, I'm not really used to full days of cognitive neuroscience and group assignments, so I'm a bit tired. And I got behind due to my course books arriving late, but I'm almost caught up. Need to catch up on sleep. But it's fascinating!

Also, another NY LJ-er on my flist was just discussing Cold Comfort Farm, actually. HEE. Need to reread and rewatch that. Mmm, Seth...

(Deleted comment)
Were you really? It's such a nice feeling to know someone's thinking of you!

oooh, Chuck! That sounds awesome!

You know, I've never had satisfying polenta, either while I'm out or when I try to make it at home. But I want to keep trying.

That's so cool! An apartment to call all your own! So happy for you!

Yes! And no evil landlords anymore! Thanks, sugar!

yay, congratulations on buying and moving successfully!! i went to montana, and it was gorgeous. :)

I have never been to Montana, but every description of it that I've heard or read makes it sound incredibly beautiful - glad you got to go bask in that!

The apartment is still making me giddy. You'll have to come by!

Ahahahahahaha, couches online. Now I know why I love you so much.

You should come over HERE for Thursday, excepting that I dunna haff super hi-def Deeeen, but still. Or something. And, wow, neighbors! Very exciting.

Oh yes, online. The ones I found were, no exaggeration, at least $300 cheaper than anything else I could find, even taking into account the Labor Day "sales."

Once they're in place, you will have to come over on a Thursday night - we can each have our own couch for rolling-about-in-Dean-related-ecstasy purposes!

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