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Hi, everybody!

Given that I post only sporadically anyway, I doubt that anyone's been wondering where I've been. But I'll tell you anyway - I've been moving! I bought an apartment, and after months of delays and assorted stupidities, I finally got into the place the second week of August. I was the only person living in the building for a few weeks, but I just got some neighbors, so now it's the three of us rattling around in this building, with occasional visits from assorted handymen, plumbers, etc.

There's no point in listing all of the things that went wrong before or have gone wrong since. Bottom line: almost everything is put away/cleaned up/organized; I just bought (online) couches for the living room and chairs for the dining room, which are the last pieces of furniture I needed; and I will be posting pictures once everything is in place. Too bad I won't have a comfy couch to roll around on while I watch the Supernatural premiere, but it's likely that I would melt into a boneless goo while watching Dean strut his stuff on my new high-def TV in any case.

Full details on the place when I finally have everything set and post pictures. But now let's talk about you! What's up with you? How was your summer? Did you read anything amazing recently? Watch anything fantastic? (Which reminds me - everyone should check out the absolutely awesome vid almostgaby made me for spn_summergen: Sultans of Swing.) Did you visit someplace wonderful? Did you eat a great meal? Discover a secret talent? I'd love to hear all about it!
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