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"Angel Eyes" (SPN birthday ficlet for deirdre_c!) (Sam/Jess, R)

So tomorrow is the birthday of one of my favorite people in fandom - the lovely deirdre_c. Many moons ago, Dei had asked for the following fic: An AU where Sam saves Jessica somehow that night of the Pilot, but then leaves with Dean anyway for her safety. At least she's out there somewhere, safe. Then, S4 rolls around and it turns out that Jess has the bloodlines to be possessed by an angel. Threeway porn (Sam-Jess-Angel) a bonus but not necessary. :) That sounded like a fascinating idea to me, but due to too many irritating things to name, I wasn't able to write the story. Or at least not the whole thing. So all I've got for you now, honey, is the very beginning of the story. Enjoy!

Sam came home to find Jess squatting amid shards of broken glass, sweeping them up into her little blue dustpan. When she saw him, she started to rise, but he saw a dangerous glint by her bare big toe, stopped her from moving, and picked up the last piece of glass, stealing a kiss as he went.

"What happened?" he asked. The room was newly coated in paper, the preliminary sketches and watercolors for the self-portrait in oils she was going to turn in as her final project.

"Hell if I know," she said, turning back toward the stove. "I heard this, like, hissing, and then the window just popped. Like it was wound too tight. Like you," she finished, sliding her hands up under his shirt, palms against his back.

He gave her a small laugh and cradled her against his chest, but all he could think was, What's after me now?

She squealed when he scooped her up and stalked toward the bed, walking by hundreds of Jess-blue eyes, wide open with love and trust.


He finds her in the bathtub, covered in blue paint and blood, and for one heart-stopping moment he's choked with the certainty that he's driven her to this. But she's not lying back with open veins; she's struggling, half-screaming and half-crying, and he hauls her up, lifting her from the dirty, colored water and striding out to set her, shivering, on their bed.

He avoids the shards of mirror glittering on the tiled floor and snags a big, fluffy towel to wrap her in. But that was the wrong call, because all she wants is him, and she clings while he grows colder and wetter, bathwater dampening his front and her tears pouring down the back of his neck in a silky, skin-crawling trickle.

"I swear," she says, when she's finally coherent and isn't gasping for air between sobs. "The mirror just exploded. I know how it sounds, but I swear that's what happened."

. . .

[and then Sam leaves and Jess watches him go, and Azazel doesn't kill Jess because he's too busy trying to figure out where Sam is, and Sam and Dean hunt and are badasses, and then the angels show up and Sam and Jess come face to face for the first time in years . . .]

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.
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