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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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"Halloween" + "Brave" + "Sick" + Peace" (Sam/OMC; PG)
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Hi, everybody!

I had some super-bizarre dreams last night, including one where Ellen DeGeneres was revealed to be Zorro, and another where I was given two extra weeks of vacation time, with the understanding that I would spend the two weeks living in my mom's house with my mom and my brother and solving extremely complex mathematical problems. Yeah, I don't even know.

Anyway, more Sam/Pete drabbles, some by request. Feel free to request some, if you like. Again, they follow "The Taming of the You-Know-Who," but the chronology of these and the first set is all jumbled - they're just little snippets, little moments.

"Halloween" for keyweegirlie, who remembered that Sam and Pete both loved Harry Potter

"Your hair flops all over the place, so you should be Harry," Pete says, frowning seriously at Sam.

"But Ron has red hair and freckles," Sam objects, looking at Pete’s blond hair. "Maybe we should -"

"I got it! I’ll be Hedwig!" In a minute, he’s got a makeshift yellow beak held up over his nose, and his brown eyes are round and bright, smiling at Sam.

Sam ignores the flutter in his stomach, the pleased zing that Pete wants them to enter together, as a team. "You sure?"

"We’re gonna win," Pete says, and their high-five turns into clasped hands.


"Brave" for iyalode, who wanted Sam and Pete's first kiss

Maybe camping is better than Sam ever gave it credit for before.

"It’s a little chillier than expected out here," Pete’s dad says, smiling at the two of them pressed up against each other. "Grub?"

Hot dogs on sticks are fantastic, but dessert is amazing. He makes the perfect s’more and pulls it apart with Pete, strands of white and brown stretching between them.

Pete’s dad is gathering firewood when Sam grows brave. Right next to Pete’s mouth is a chocolate smear. It tastes sweet, but Pete’s even braver, and he moves so that all they’re tasting is each other.


"Sick" for apreludetoanend, who wanted more of Sam and Pete in Pete's basement

Pete’s mom is a pair of snow boots on the steps and a voice calling down the stairs. "Honey? Are you feeling any better?"

Pete goes pink, turns to face the steps, and shouts, "Yeah." Sam stares at his back, feeling a little betrayed. He should have known he hadn’t developed ping-pong skills overnight, enabling him to keep Pete to such a close game.

Pete spins back around, looking embarrassed, and Sam lets the question of his athleticism drop.
"What’s the matter?" he whispers, like anyone’s listening.

"Nothing," Pete whispers back.

"You swear?"

"I swear. Your serve, Sam."

"Game point."



"You gonna need those again next Sunday?" Dean asks, gesturing at his chinos and button-down shirt.

"I don’t know," Sam answers, scrubbing at the bloodstain on his right cuff. "Why?"

"Planning when to do laundry," Dean says, whisking eggs with a fork. "Maybe -"

"They’re here!" Sam bolts at the sound of the honk. "Bye!"

The church is beautiful, dark wood and light stained all different colors by the glass. The minister reminds Sam of Pastor Jim, and Pete is warm next to him. The stain on his shirt doesn’t matter anymore, and he stands with everyone around him and sings.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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I love the thought of him getting to do all these first time things)

It's fun to imagine him so young, so excited and everything being brand new! Thanks so much!

Aw, man. I'm gonna get all protective over these two, I can tell already.

The innocence of first love *wibble*

If you're looking for more prompts - sharing secrets, trying to impress & being totally geeky about it, Dean or John with good advice.

Aw, really? They're making you protective? That is lovely to hear!

I was absolutely fishing for prompts, so thank you very much!

So adorable!! I love the one you did for me as well as all the rest, especially the first kiss! ;)


That first kiss drabble only worked because I could make the timeline vague! I kept wondering when to set it, and finally realized I didn't have to be specific.

Thanks so much!

These are all so sweet! I love how innocent they are; there's something so... I don't know, intimate, maybe, about their conversation in the basement. It's kind of charged and fragile all at the same time, and so, so good!

That one really surprised me, because I wasn't sure where it was going, or what was going to be revealed or changed in the relationship. I'm glad it meant something for you!

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