kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

Supernatural, specifically Jensen Ackles

My friends have been having a hellish week, and they're not the kind of problems I can flick away with magical friend powers. There's death and betrayal and lives come crashing down. My heart hurts.

Which is exactly the kind of moment when you want your brain to help you out and mine so did. It reminded me of the two funniest lines I'd read all week, both pertaining to Jensen Ackles. wax_jism said Jensen is lucky to have such a versatile face. He can be badass AND pretty boy AND damsel in distress simultaneously! Oh, and a giant dork, also. and laivine said Squee. Aw, I love the dear-in-headlights/stoned/tired Jenny because it's really the only way I can believe he's even real and not some CGI creation designed to make folks spontaneously orgasm. And yet, even here, it's still some pretty undeniable mojo. I laugh every time I think about those descriptions.

So, thanks you two. And to Jensen too.
Tags: real_life, supernatural

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