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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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"Beginning" + "Soda" (Sam/OMC; PG)
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Hi, everybody!

So I've got a birthday story I'm posting next week and a story for spn_summergen that's going up in about a month at the earliest, and all of the other things I'm working on are long, long stories that I have no hope of wrapping up quickly. And I'm getting itchy and want-to-write-y, so I thought I'd try my hand at drabbles. Specifically, Sam/Pete drabbles. (Drabbles because the boys are young and just making baby steps in their relationship, blah blah blah.)

These drabbles will most likely make no sense unless you've read "The Taming of the You-Know-Who." If you've never read that story, all you need to know is that it's a Winchester AU of The Taming of the Shrew and [highlight the white space to read the spoilers!] specifically, Sam had a crush on a girl named Jaime, who he finally asked to Homecoming, only to realize that they had nothing in common, and that the person who really meant something to him was his best friend, Pete.

Sam and Pete are both fourteen, freshmen, and complete dweebs. And the town they're living in is called Rapture. And that's Pete in my icon.



Sam stumbles around for the rest of the weekend, thinking of Pete and smiling, and Dad amusedly mutters something about fools in love to Dean.

Never mind that Dean's pretty much been glowing since he brought his “girl” home. Sam's positive he couldn't look any dopier than Dean.

But Dad’s words change something, and there's no denying that everything would be easier if he really was still interested in Jaime. He tosses and turns all Sunday night, listening to Dean’s aggravating snores.

Monday morning, on the steps of the school, Sam says, "Hey," and Pete smiles and bumps his shoulder.



Pete dumps his potato chips out between them like always, and Sam isn’t shy about grabbing some. Their hands brush once, and Sam could swear that there’s a little zap of static electricity charging the air.

He takes a bite out of his tuna fish sandwich nonchalantly, as if he’s totally cool, but when the warning bell rings, he startles and knocks over his carton of milk.

“Here,” Pete says, helping to mop up the puddle. “You can finish mine.” Sam closes his eyes when his mouth touches the soda can right where Pete’s mouth had been a minute before.


Now what I need from you is ideas for more Sam/Pete drabbles, if you're interested. Any chronology, any kind of prompt, for a drabble of any rating. I'd really like to try to keep some writing going on a more regular basis, so help me out with prompts, please?

Thanks, and as always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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PETE!! Oh, I loved Pete in your bigbang last year, he was so much fun to make things of. ;) I wish I had a prompt for you, but sadly I'm lacking..OH! I know...the boys were really into Harry Potter, I think, right? Maybe something based around one of the movies coming out or a new book?


Awww, that would be cute! Sam and Pete in line for the first Harry Potter movie! Thanks for the idea!

As you can see, I still love this icon to pieces, so thanks again for that!

Sam and Pete in line for the first Harry Potter movie! Thanks for the idea!

Yay, I'm glad you like that idea...I've just been watching all the HP movies with my little boy lately so it sounded like it could be a cute idea.

I still love this icon to pieces, so thanks again for that!

I'm so happy that you love that icon so much! You're still very welcome. ;)


The Harry Potter idea came out a different way, but it's done!

They kill me with their cuteness. First kiss?

As soon as I can figure out when they'll be ready for their first kiss, I will write it for you! Thanks!

It took three days, but I finally figured it out!

These are lovely and sweet! I would LOVE to see Sam running into Pete again years later, or letters they wrote (or never wrote?) to each other, or more time spent in Pete's basement. Or: Dean actually does bring home a real, live girl, and Sam and Pete walk in on them. Or Sam gets permission to sleep over at Pete's house, maybe.

Ooh, I like all of these ideas! I was actually wondering if the whole thing should be epistolary, after the Winchesters have left Rapture, but then I thought, nah, let the poor kids have some hands-on time. But possibly an email or something down the line?

Ooh, yes, definitely. I'm looking forward to reading it! =)

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