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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Well, poo
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
So it looks like the Veronica Mars movie won't be happening after all.

I do think the show suffered a precipitous decline after the first, perfect season, but I still wanted to watch every week. Ah, well.

At least the Arrested Development movie hasn't been nixed. I still need to find a "slut" or "shemale" shirt to wear to the opening (the best friend has promised he will wear never-nude cutoffs).

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(Deleted comment)
You might be right - I haven't rewatched seasons 2 and 3 at all, so maybe there's more good stuff there than I'm giving them credit for.

But season 1 was just awesome, and they told the story so neatly, and it was so clearly a story that was super-personal for Veronica in a way that the mysteries of the other seasons were not. I do wish that, as someone once said, that season 2 could have had a "where's Lianne?" mystery involved, to keep the storyline personal. Anyway.

I think I will rewatch season 1 very soon.

(Deleted comment)
Yes, but the Duncan/Meg & baby shenanigans of season 2 were not helping anything. I honestly don't remember how season 2 ended; I must rectify that at some point soon.

Never nude cutoffs! That's dedication. Love it.

And he has smooth, hairless legs that would make him a perfect illusionist's assistant!

Oh, sad. After the third season, I was okay with not getting a fourth, but I would have kept watching, and I definitely wanted the movie.

Yeah, that third season was troubling. But I totally wanted the movie! I wanted that Serenity feeling all over again!

I think he'll also need business cards that declare him an "Analrapist"!!!

And he will say loudly, while we are in line, "I just blue myself." I CANNOT WAIT!

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