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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Question for you
dean writes
Hi, everybody!

I saw this meme over at ignipes's journal, and have never played before, but now I'm curious: If you had me under your command and could make me write whatever you wanted - anything at all! - what would you make me write?

I'll be leaving work early and heading out of town and won't have internet access until Monday night, but I promise to read and think about any and all suggestions.

Thanks, and have a great weekend, everyone!
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I'd love to see you tackle an AU where Dean goes to college. Maybe something along the lines of Dean going to some classes as part of a hunt, then finding that he enjoys it and wants to go for real. Preferably with an initially reluctant Dean who tries hard to hate the experience but can't, an OFC or OMC who lives in the dorms and gives Dean a taste of the real college experience, and a baffled Sam who doesn't understand why Dean's calling him at Stanford out of the blue with what sounds suspiciously like the kind of stuff he says when he's sorry about something but he's not going to apologize, or how they end up falling into an academic debate disguised as smalltalk on a subject Sam would swear Dean knows nothing about. (I'm allowed to be specific, right? *g*)

Ha! You're totally allowed to be specific! Academic Dean has a very strong lure for me, no doubt, and this would be very fun to try - thanks so much for playing and sharing!

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Aw, sugar, I think that might be tough, because I don't want to shake them out of their happy home! (But I'm thrilled that you love them!)

Would some young-Sam slash hold you? Because that might be doable.

An AU where Sam saves Jessica somehow that night of the Pilot, but then leaves with Dean anyway for her safety. At least she's out there somewhere, safe. Then, S4 rolls around and it turns out that Jess has the bloodlines to be possessed by an angel. Threeway porn (Sam-Jess-Angel) a bonus but not necessary. :)

Oh, that is a fascinating idea! I am currently writing some Sam/Jess, but I love the melancholy undercurrent your idea would lend to the pairing.

Hmmmm, will consider!

I figure if anyone could pull it off, it would be you! <3

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That is lovely of you to say! I am working on a pre-series gen story for an upcoming birthday, but I'm always up for more of the wee boys, so if you want to leave a more specific prompt, that might get my gears turning! Thanks!

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I am dying for a Burn Notice/SPN cross over and noticed you write both... hint hint. :)

Oh, I think full-length Burn Notice fic is beyond me - all those little tricks of the trade are things I could never in a million years dream up. But a character piece, like Sam Axe and Dean bonding over beers, or John and Michael and Fiona all circling each other, that might work. Thanks!

I've been mulling around a Dean, Fiona lusting over blowing things up kind of deal, *both of them so in love with things that go boom!* Sure I would love anything you write - really gorgeous work you do!

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