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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Chuck Renewed! Better Off Ted Renewed!
better off ted: healthy competition
Word right now is that Chuck has been renewed for 13 eps, with its budget drastically reduced.

But it will be back!

As will Better Off Ted! Viva Lem!

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More Chuck! I just hope this season does well enough that it'll get more episodes once it starts.
Thanks for posting the good news!

It's coming back mid-season, but might go through the summer!

Yay for more Chuck! I suspect that the massive creativity on that show (and the imminent reset) means that it will cope perfectly well with the restrictions.

Yes! I do like shows that can wiggle around restrictions, and I bet this is one of them. Buy More will probably go away, but who will we still have in season 3?

YAY CHUCK! Chuck's strength has always been in the scripts rather than any effects, so I'm not too worried about the budget reduction, I just hope it does well enough ratings wise to not have to worry about the next 13 and beyond :)

Absolutely! We're on after the Winter Olympics, then possibly over the summer as well!

I'm very glad to hear that Chuck will be back, but unfortunately, it looks like the budget cuts will take a toll on the writing staff and maybe even the cast: http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2009/05/its-official-nb.html

Yes, but I think Chuck can work within restrictions. And now that Chuck knows kung fu, maybe more hand-to-hand fighting instead of big guns and explosions?

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