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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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wild world of lj
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
So I'm exceedingly new to not just Supernatural but to livejournal as well. And I have very little technological know-how. So please do let me know if I overstep any bounds or fail to do something I should. Really. I am stoo. pitt. when it comes to this stuff, and a friendly word would be very much appreciated.

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Busy Little Bee

Wow, you're a busy little bee! Not only do you do vids but write, too? Impressive. I'll never be able to vid. I'll leave that to experts like you.

I'll try and read your SN prequel. Have you done any vids for this show?

Formerly the Giggly Puff

No Supernatural vids so far; I just downloaded the eps last night (I'd only seen "Faith" and "Asylum" and clips from the pilot). But I'm in that giddy stage where every song seems like it relates to the show, so I might be vidding soon.

And honestly, making vids is no big deal. I noticed one day that my computer had Windows Movie Maker installed on it and I just started messing around. If you decide to start and would like some tips, feel free to ask me.

Loquacious wonderkiller wanders by, speaks the friendly word.

Welcome to the wild world, such as it is. I should say LJ is a much smaller deal than vidding.

As far as I know, there are no rules in lj that aren't also general rules in life, so that should be okay. Friending people at will is okay, although some people ask before they do but I never understood why. Asking someone to friend them back is not okay, or rather, it may lead to social awkwardness and should thus be avoided.

But the #1 advice is: lj-cut is everybody's friend. You'll notice this when you have 347 people on your friendslist and they all post the same meme. How you do it is you type <lj-cut text="insert text here"> and then indeed your post will be cut for length. If you want a cut in the middle of a text, the end tag is </lj-cut>. What goes behind cuts: memes with graphics, your stories, very long posts in general (say, over 500 words-ish), pictures you wish to post for the edification or entertainment of the masses, anything Not Work Safe.

Once you've mastered the lj-cut, you can basically do whatever you want.

So again, welcome to LJ and welcome to Supernatural. I wish you grooviness.

Re: Loquacious wonderkiller wanders by, speaks the friendly word.

Awesome! Thanks so much for your help. I will be friending you momentarily.

And it's hilarious, because just before I read your response, I'd posted about the pic you're using in your icon. Ah, great minds.

Re: Loquacious wonderkiller wanders by, speaks the friendly word.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention the most important reason: lj-cut is spoiler-cut!

Meanwhile, mmmmmmmmmmmAlec.

Kunju, it's me from TWOP. I'm so know-nothing I wasn't even sure how to message you through LJ! Have friended you, I hope that's ok! Your help/advice re the fan fic would be much appreciated! At the minute I intend to spend the weekend decorating LJ and writing fan fic so if I could show you what I've done, I'd REALLY appreciate it! You are too kind.
(Loved your analysis of this week's ep btw, but more about that once I have my thoughts together!)

Yes, of course, happy to help. I'll be out of touch starting Friday evening as I have to travel to a funeral over the weekend (my friend's dad); I hope to be back sometime on Sunday. Email me whatever you've got whenever you've got it and we'll figure stuff out together.

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