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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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All My TV
mst3k: says the dude in the shag rug
Hi, everybody!

There is a whole lot going on in my life right now - some good, some bad, all of it skipped over here - and that means that after I get home from a 10+-hour day at work, I'm no longer cuddling happily up with fic on my laptop. Instead, I'm drugging myself with ridiculous amounts of TV. Some thoughts (all spoilers behind cuts, of course).

Supernatural: Regarding 4x18, I'm just glad I got to make a reference to Grover (via my boy Ben) before the show did (link courtesy of musesfool). That was fun!

Better Off Ted: I am having a really good time watching this show. It's funny, and quirky, and I really like all of the characters, though there is no doubt that my absolute favorite is Lem (Viva Lem!). Portia de Rossi is doing really good work, and while I can't place the lead actor, I'm liking him too. He's kind of got the Michael Bluth role here - sane guy in a sea of insanity - and while I don't think he's hit Jason Bateman levels of awesome yet, he seems more than capable. I also like the ridiculous ways the show handles real-world issues; absurdity plus realism is good times in my book. While I liked Linda, and thought she was appropriately quirky, in the first episode, now she's kind of grating on me. And I was very intrigued, from last night's episode, by the prospect of more Ted/Veronica.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency: Jill Scott has one of the warmest, most wrap-you-in-a-blanket voices I've ever heard, and the narration she does just makes me happy. It's lovely to watch a show that has characters who speak multiple languages - often in the same conversation - and who take the time to look at each other and respond to each other. It's not a snappy show, but it's comfortable and interesting. I read the first book in the series several years ago, and wasn't either impressed or turned off, but as a TV show, it works. Wee!Precious was cute, and I love seeing a strong father-daughter relationship on my TV (I miss you, Keith and Veronica!). Idris Elba and Colin Salmon are around to hot things up, and I really enjoy how Precious and Grace interact. And Wellington is quite possibly the cutest child ever. Also, one scene of the pilot made me grin because it was something I'd just written in a Supernatural fic.

Jack of All Trades: I was watching this on Hulu, and man, I have NEVER seen anyone having as much fun as Bruce Campbell is in the opening credits for this show. I dare anyone to disagree with me on this point.

Chuck: Getting awesomer and awesomer. Give this show a third season, NBC!

How I Met Your Mother: I find myself mostly thinking about the actresses' pregnancies and not whatever shenanigans the characters are up to, but I suspect I'll be more involved once Barney and Robin get together. Also, I think douchey Ted is hilarious.

Cupid: Despite my professed refusal to watch this show (a high school classmate of mine is the second female lead), I've seen both eps aired so far. The pilot was a mess, and the second ep made a huge mistake in that the woman in the Love Story of the Week was so much more interesting than either of the two female leads of the show. I'd watch her rather than Sarah Paulson any day of the week. I have no particular feelings about SP, but in this role, she's too blonde, lispy, and flat-out annoying. She's no Paula Marshall, I tell you what. Bobby C. is not particularly inspiring either.

Pushing Daisies: ABC will air the last two (I thought we missed three?) eps on Saturdays, starting May 30! I need my show! I miss Ned and Chuck and Olive and Emerson and Vivian and Lily like nobody's business!

Life: I'm so thankful that someone on my flist (iyalode, was it you?) pimped this show, because I think it's awesome. I hope it's back, but if it isn't, they did a wonderful job of wrapping it up believably and faithfully. And I realized while watching last night that I ship Crews/Reese in the same way I ship Mal/Zoe - not romantically, but in a "have your back always" way.

Castle: This one is fun. Not a lot to think about, but it's always a treat to watch Nathan Fillion. And I have discovered that watching him be a good daddy is especially fun. Yay, Nathan! I'm not entirely sold on Beckett (and the other cops are pretty much non-entities so far), but she also hasn't bugged me.

Bones : This show is bugging me. What is up with all of the out of character moments, and the weird reliance on tricks rather than the kind of solid work that characterized the first few seasons? Not liking.

The Unusuals: Premiered last night, and I had a very good time watching. It's got an insanely strong cast, and it looks like it's going to be a fun ride. Quirky, but getting the job done. I like the main guy (Casey's partner) - he's an interesting and appealing combination of cute and goofball and smart. Casey, too, is interestingly drawn. And the other team is like buddy comedy heaven. Also enjoying Terry Kinney (who I last saw in The House of Mirth as the captain.

Harper's Island: This one starts its 13-ep run tonight. I'm looking forward to a new show that has a definite start and end, and wondering how quickly the fic will be produced, if it's going to match the pace of the show. I'm not a fan of horror or gore, but I do love murder mysteries, so hopefully this will be bearable. Anyone want to join me?

In non-TV news, I am definitely punking out of Big Bang. I haven't touched my draft since early March, at which point I had 7K words. There's no way (between my life and the birthday fics I want to write) I can get 13,000 more words written by May 1. I'll still finish the story, most likely; I do like the plot of it, though some padding needs to be stripped out.

Books - I'll save those for another post.

How are you all doing?

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Hey, you. *waves* I hope the bad things get better soon! Sorry about big bang (but you know it's been better in general for me to hide from challenge deadlines lately. The fics will get done when they get done).

Chuck neeeeds to get renewed. They'd better not take the shiny away.

Hey! I would love it if the bad things got better soon!

I'm not too fussed about missing big bang - I've done it once, and so I know I can do it. And the story will be better served by me not being a crazy person when I write it, so.

I need Chuck to come back! It's a happy, shiny, show!

Chuck is awesome, it just kind of bugs me that I feel it could be awesomer. They never really seem to take advantage of their potential plotlines; too many people turn out to actually be trustworthy! I sat around for two eps expecting MI6 guy to turn out not to be MI6 at all, and pht! He was!

But I adore the characters so much, and it's so rare for me to watch any show for the plot, that I still love it.

And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for telling me about Pushing Daisies! I am so unutterably sad that it was cancelled, and I was getting scared that they would never let us have the last of it.

Much as I love Chuck, it definitely gets away with things - perhaps because it's on TV and so aware of its own sparkliness? - that I would call foul on in a book/book series. Hee, I figured Beardy would be trustworthy, just because they'd just finished the Jill storyline and wouldn't want to do the secretly-evil-lover thing again, but I did think they'd do more with Sarah's evident attraction to him than have him bow out of the picture so soon. Though I did appreciate that even Chuck started to like him.

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed my Pushing Daisies back! My eyes are aching for those bright colors, and I will own the DVDs the day they are released!

Yeah, I've been spending a lot of time gaping mindlessly at my tv, too. *wishes we were all independently wealthy*

I am afraid of some of the things going on with Bones - it has had good episodes this season, but Brennan has been awfully brittle and bitchy, Booth is more comic relief than not, I am tired of Angela and Hodgins being broken up... I feel like they did a lot of damage late last season and early this season, and they haven't got back on stride yet, and that bothers me, because Bones is a comfort show! It is very upsetting when comfort shows screw you over! I still haven't recovered from my Gilmore Girls trauma.

Otoh, Chuck has been awesome (and I really hope they renew it), and while I am sad that Life probably won't be renewed, I think it went out on a high note.

We've discussed this, but Life had such a smart, awesome finale that I'm even mostly resigned to the idea that I won't get to see what Crews and Reese get up to next.

As far as Bones goes, something is sadly awry. I like the Sweets character, but remember when Booth was able to interrogate suspects without an earpiece? Remember when we didn't need to hear about Angela's libido? On the one hand, I think it's good that they didn't want the show to fall into a rut, but on the other, the changes that have been made seem to have little to no purpose, so they're not helping anything.

Dude, what is your Gilmore Girls trauma? Do tell!

We really all should be independently wealthy! We'd be the best rich people, seriously, as Veronica Mars would say.

On the one hand, I think it's good that they didn't want the show to fall into a rut, but on the other, the changes that have been made seem to have little to no purpose, so they're not helping anything.

Yes. This.

Dude, what is your Gilmore Girls trauma? Do tell!

Oh, man, I never told you about this? I keep thinking I'm over it and then it all bubbles up again...


I watched the show from almost the beginning and it was my happy comfort show. Nothing bad happens in Stars Hollow! And then Dean got married while he was still in love with Rory and then they slept together while he was still married! That was the beginning of the end for me, because I feel like the show never made Rory deal with what an awful thing that was. That was when I started disliking Rory (Dean Forester never recovered, but then, I never cared about him much in the first place - I always preferred Rory/Jess [or Rory/Paris] - possibly this is why I STILL don't find Jared Padalecki attractive. It's certainly one reason I was mostly lukewarm on Sam when I watched the first season of SPN. Heh.).

But Luke and Lorelai were together, even though the show kept them separate physically for most of season 5, so I was okay, because that was the primary reason I watched the show - for Luke/Lorelai, and for Emily. And then they had season 6, where Luke discovered he had a long-lost daughter, and he turned into a completely unrecognizable character, and then they broke him and LOrelai up, and then Lorelai slept with Christopher (and then MARRIED HIM!?!! WTF?), and that is when I stopped watching the show, heartbroken, because they'd taken something AWESOME and turned it into something where I barely recognized most of the characters I'd loved. I mean, they made me want to punch Luke in the face! They made me seriously angry with Lorelai!


As I said, I still get a little crazy when I think about it, because it was such a great show! So for me, it basically ends with Luke and Lorelai's first kiss in Raincoats and Recipes.

That's probably way more than you wanted to know, but I am clearly not rational on the subject.

Wow. You have been burned!

I was a fairly consistent viewer of the show, but not enough that I felt like I had to stick it out to the end. Therefore, I missed the Luke's daughter ridiculousness entirely (though I heard about it), and the Lorelai/Chris wedding (WTF?). I was still tuned in when Dean got adulterous with Rory, and wasn't THAT a squicky moment (even though I'd never liked Dean and had no investment in him or their [former] relationship). "Raincoats and Recipes" was the ending I have in my head too.

Though I will say that while my Luke - love is too strong a word, but definite liking - liking never suffered (though I did want him to get off his ass and go after Lorelai, if he'd convinced himself that she was The One), I did have a spell of really disliking Lorelai (when Jess and Rory get into an accident and she bursts in to say so and yells at Luke for not looking out for Rory while he's trying to find out if his nephew is in the hospital). But overall, they're the pairing I was watching for, with bonus Emily (hated Richard), and sometimes Rory too.

We'll talk more in person!

I feel the exact same way about Bones this season. I get so annoyed with the characters I often turn it off halfway through. I want the Bones we know and love from previous seasons back!

I just do not understand what is up with the show these days. All I keep hearing about is the Booth/Brennan hookup coming at the end of the season, and I frankly wouldn't take either one of them on a platter at the moment.

I'm sorry we won't be getting a Big Bang from you this year, but I have to admit it makes me feel a little better that I'm almost certainly not going to manage it either!

Hee, we can be punks together!

that's a lot of tv viewing! :D

I know - isn't it alarming?

it is! but it's so much fun isn't it? :D

Castle: This one is fun. Not a lot to think about, but it's always a treat to watch Nathan Fillion. And I have discovered that watching him be a good daddy is especially fun. Yay, Nathan! I'm not entirely sold on Beckett (and the other cops are pretty much non-entities so far), but she also hasn't bugged me.

There is something about Beckett that's bothering me and for the life of me I can't figure out what it is. I have nothing against her but at the same time I can't get around to full out liking her. As for the rest of it, Nathan Fillion is the only reason that I'm watching the show and will continue to watch. And yes the relationship with his daughter is made of WIN!

And Bones is bugging the shit out of me this season. Normally I would be so excited to watch it but yeah it's bugging me. I don't think that writing Zach off was a good idea at all. This whole rotating interning Anthropologists is getting boring. The only one that I can honestly say that I've liked even a little bit so far is Mr. Nigel Murray. They really need to get their act together or David is going to have another 5 season series on his hands.

Edited at 2009-04-11 04:13 am (UTC)

Is it Beckett's Cleopatra eye makeup that's bugging you? Because it's alarming me. But Nathan alone is worth the price of admission.

I was never a fan of Zach, so I don't have any issues with his absence. The only one of the rotating interns that I've liked is Clark, who I think would make a great permanent addition to the show. But the rest of the characters seem to have undergone some kind of character suck. I don't really like them anymore, and I used to look forward to watching the show.

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