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Ben and Dean: scene twelve (R; Dean/OMC) - series finale!

Hi, everybody! Welcome to the last Ben/Dean scene!

Well, it's been a fabulous ride, having so many of you along on the journey that I thought would be just me and the boys (hey, I'm drawing my only WiP and favorite story to a close - I'm going to be as gushy as all get out). Seriously, I had no idea anyone would even be interested in reading these scenes, because they were so tailored to my own interests and felt completely, shamelessly self-indulgent; I'm so very pleased to have been proven wrong, and so decisively. Thank you all so much for your comments and criticisms, and for being so generous with your ideas and your feedback. (Thanks especially to janissa11 for the loving beta.) This scene in particular has some open ends, because that felt more realistic to me, but since I'm not going to be writing more of this series, please feel free to ask about anything that you'd like clarified.

I'm posting this today because it's Jensen Ackles's birthday, and he's given Dean so many complex, lovely layers that the character becomes a joy to write. He also loaned Ben his very appealing appearance, which means he's pretty much all over this series.

One last thing before scene twelve: as you might know, I can't write with music playing (I tend to write the lyrics into whatever I'm working on). So this song is not part of a playlist, or anything like that. But if it were possible to vid this pairing, this is the song I've always thought I'd set the vid to. This version in particular just delights me. Enjoy!

[Sunshine State] - now with illustrations by the amazing vengefuldemon69!
scenes one and two
scene three
scene four
scene five
scene six
scene seven
scene eight
(the Mark scene)
scene nine
scene ten
scene eleven
scene twelveCollapse )

Yay, happy OTP!
And don't forget to check back in tonight for a bonus surprise!
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