kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

Three-day weekend!

Hi, everybody!

Man, do I need to be able to take tomorrow just for me. So I'm trying to cram my whole long to-do list into yesterday and today. It's actually going pretty well - I've scrubbed the place from top to bottom, done four loads of laundry, finished a movie that had been languishing in my DVD player for two weeks (There Will Be Blood), and I'm about to head out for some more apartment-hunting.

AND, I incorporated beta comments into two fics that are now ready to post (one will go up on Friday, and one in a couple of weeks), and I am close to breaking a thousand words in my fic for spn_j2_bigbang. Which is appallingly short, but still, I wrote nearly 600 words last night just before collapsing into bed, so that's good.

I need to get my taxes done today, fix my modem, and set up my Wii, and then I can have all of tomorrow to read and write and generally lie around like royalty.

Just remembered - what's all this about SPN hiatus lasting an extra week? Say it ain't so!

And one last task for today - to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all of the love I got over at the Valentine's Day Game! And also to mention that if you're on my flist, you should check out the link to find the love that people might have left for you (ahem). One of the people I left a message for has her username misspelled, but I think it's clear who the message is for. Please, do head over there!

Talk to you all soon!
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