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Veronica Mars vids (2/2)

Okay, so MU wasn't quite as zoomy as it seemed. Here are the rest of my VM vids.

By Your Side: Wallace and Veronica, BFF. Through 1x22, "Leave It to Beaver" - Sade (6/16/05)

She Will Have Her WayVeronica caught between Logan and Duncan as she tries to find her way back to Lilly. Through 1x22, "Leave It to Beaver" - Neil Finn (6/17/05)

Take Me to the River: Logan and Veronica in love. Through 1x22, "Leave It to Beaver" - Talking Heads (9/13/05)

Shadow Dancing: Logan and Veronica have technicolor chemistry, even when they have other lovers. Through 2x03, "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang" - Andy Gibb (10/22/05)

Sweetest Thing: The other season 2 love triangle: Veronica, Duncan, Meg. What does Duncan want? Through 2x04, "Green-Eyed Monster" - U2 (10/26/05)

alternate credit sequence: What the credits would look like if I had my way; thirty seconds of goodness - Dandy Warhols (11/30/05)

Halo: Logan and Weevil are so clearly in love. Through 2x09, "My Mother, the Fiend" - Depeche Mode (12/4/05)

Missionary Man: If the 09er kids are amateur assholes, it's at least partially the fault of their parents, who are professional ones. Through 2x09, "My Mother, the Fiend" - Eurythmics (12/6/05)

Hazy Shade of Winter: Character study of (Vice-) Principal Clemmons. Through 2x10, "One Angry Veronica" - Simon and Garfunkel (12/29/05)
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