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Hi, everybody!

A few things from my brain to you:

(1) I was MASSIVELY, unhappily spoiled for upcoming Supernatural plots and casting by zap2it.com yesterday, when I was innocently trying to find out if Leverage and Life would be new or reruns this week (answer: both new). Spoiler-phobes, steer clear.

(2) I am thisclose to finishing the final Ben/Dean scene. I had suspected that this would be schmoopy, but man, the schmoop is EPIC. Even Ben is surprised by how schmooptastic the two of them are being. After that's done, all I have to do is finish organizing my notes for "Generation", and then I will have a clear conscience about starting work on my fic for spn_j2_bigbang (because girl_wonder really is that persuasive). Whoot!

(3) Tomorrow is the deadline for sending your lists of love to the awesome svmadelyn, if you want to be a part of the Valentine's Day Game! Go, love on a bunch of people; it's a guaranteed way to cheer yourself up.

Man, this is a very cheerful post! Perhaps because we've had so many nice days in a row? And by nice, I mean, where the wind doesn't pluck at your face and then freeze the tears leaking from your eyes to your cheeks. You know.
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