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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Pic of wee!Sammy and Book Club!
thanks but he's super-holy already
Hi, everybody!

Over at spnroundtable, the Book Club is hosting a discussion of my story "Sunshine State." Please go, and say something!

Even if you have nothing nice to say about the story or my writing or my characters at all, I will be glad to hear from you - the Book Club is about constructive criticism, and you won't hurt my feelings. I can never read anything of mine without wishing I'd done at least three things differently.

So, say what you like about my writing, about my story, or about the characters, but PLEASE don't tell me that this isn't wee!Sammy!

Please note that Sammy was not randomly chowing down on the candy; he was conducting a highly scientific study to determine whether the cookies would be good enough for Dean. (I keep thinking of this picture being Sammy and Miss Greenaway's niece or someone from "Thanatopsis.") But seriously, too cute for words, yes?

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I want to go bake cookies and eat half the dough before I get them in the oven right now. Oh my gosh!

(Also, I don't know if I ever left feedback on "Thanatopsis," but it was one of the first fics I read when I got into the fandom and I've always loved it.)

I'm so glad you liked "Thanatopsis," but HOW CUTE IS THIS WEE!SAMMY?!?

(Deleted comment)
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