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Rome vids

I was quite rightly taken to task by a TWoPper for not putting my name on any of my vids. Now that I've got a place to keep them, I thought I'd make new links and send them out into the world.

Here are the three vids I've made for Rome. WARNING: it's an HBO show, and there's plenty of violence and nudity, and I didn't shy away from either when making these.

This one is episode- and character-specific. It's all about Cleopatra and the three men she seduces (with varying degrees of success) in "Caesarion." Set to "No Sleep Tonight" by the Faders.

This one is a look at all of season 1. All characters, with particular attention paid to Caesar and Vorenus as the two characters with the most dramatic narrative arcs. Set to "C'mon C'mon" by the Von Bondies.C'mon C'mon

This one is a character study of the deliciously scheming minx Atia. How can you not love her? Set to "It's Your Thing" by the Isley Brothers.Atia
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