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SPN 4x10 (spoilers!), House, Psych

Hi, everybody!

Contrary to my usual practice, I've got something to say about a Supernatural episode the morning after: as I went to sleep last night, all I could think of was this: what if all those jumpy cuts of Dean's eyes we've been getting, from 4x01 on, were the different days, and each of them was the moment Alastair offered Dean that terrible choice of being tortured or being the one doing the torturing? That just hurts my heart. (And that Dean held out in hell for as long as he's been alive on earth!)

If you want actual episode commentary, I suggest heading over to this post by destina.

And if you missed this week's House, you missed the show's writers doing a little SPN fanfic! tabaqui has an icon here.

Do all the Psych watchers know there's a new ep on a week from today, the day after (American) Thanksgiving? It looks like a Christmas ep.
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