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Grab Bag: adorable dad - Bruce Campbell & Ted Raimi - fics - etc.

Hi, everybody!

This is just a grab-bag post of what's going on with me. Only the adorablest part is uncut.

SO. Here goes - my dad was absolutely adorable on Tuesday. I'd gone to vote, which took me four hours of standing in line, but really, it was like a party, with everyone smiling and happy and excited to be there. Brooklyn rules! In any case, I'd forgotten my phone, and I came back to find a message from my dad. He's nearly 65, and usually speaks in a very measured, deliberate kind of way. But this voicemail was breathless and giddy. Know why? Because this was the first American election he was eligible to vote in (he became a citizen a few years ago) and he'd done his civic duty. He was all, "So on the FIRST page was the vote for President. And then the SECOND page was for Congress. And . . ." Really.

I think that ties for most adorable he's ever been - the previous undisputed winner was him meeting me at the airport when I flew home after six months of studying abroad, holding a big bouquet of flowers that had a Snickers bar tucked inside. Awwww. My daddy loves me. And knows me so well.

Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, My Name Is Bruce: My best friend is fairly devoted to Bruce Campbell, and is in fact the one who introduced me to his work (he got me to watch Army of Darkness, showed me selected scenes from the second Evil Dead movie, and flat-out refused to let me watch the first one (because he knows how much of a wuss I am). And then there was the Bubba Ho-Tep saga.

Anyway, he got tickets for us to attend the premiere of My Name Is Bruce, and the Q&A with BC that followed. Let me just say: even by Bruce standards, the movie is terrible. But the Q&A was sporadically hilarious (more than I can say for the movie). I didn't raise my hand even though I had a question (on Burn Notice, why does Michael get a new cover identity every episode but Sam is always Chuck Finley? [the best friend pointed out that the real Chuck Finley is the baseball-star husband Tawny Kitaen abused]), but there were some great moments.

Bruce gave a guy who'd dressed up as Ash (complete with chainsaw, boots, bloodstains, etc.) $5 from his pocket. He let a lady in the front row touch his chin scar. My two favorite questions: (1) "why is Ted Raimi half the cast of this movie?" (because Ted's acting makes Bruce's look stellar) and (2) "right now, are you wearing the same pants you wore in the movie?" (HOW many pairs of pants does one man need? three?)

I was a very lucky girl and got gorgeous fic for my birthday this year. I didn't get a chance to link them all for your reading pleasure before, but I will now. Seriously, you all should run to read these:
Family Resemblance by girl_wonder - Dean and Mary while she's waiting for it all to end
Unexpected Company by dotfic - John, Dean, Sammy, and Bobby when the two men first meet
Sugar Horses by janissa11 - Sam and de-aged Dean on a road trip
Roadside Connection by essenceofmeanin - John and Dean on the road
Riddle Me This by musesfool - Dean, Sam, and a Sphinx, updating the classic contest
Two Kinds of Light by eighth_horizon - Dean, Sam, and Castiel at the possible end of the world

In other news, I've signed up for Yuletide, and I'm trying to work on some of the longer stories I've started (scene twelve of Ben/Dean, and "Generation"), now that I've posted the last birthday fic that was requested!

How are you all doing?
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