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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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did I just see that?
dean is wry
Did I really just see a very cute boy dressed as Castiel for Halloween? Is that even possible? On the one hand, he had a cast on his arm, so point against (though it looked like a real cast, not one specifically for his costume). On the other hand, he had rumpled brown hair, bright blue eyes, a dark suit, blue tie, and a tan trenchcoat with blood stains and gunpowder residue on it.

Watch, he'll turn out to be someone who routinely runs around in that getup and not playing an angel at all. But still!

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Could've been playing Constantine, maybe?

It would be awesome if I were slightly less dense about most of pop culture. Ah, well.

Heh, I have been encouraging folks to watch the movie version of Constantine for a while now. Kripke is borrowing some imagery and ideas in his storyline quite liberally from the comics version. But I know many, many people who aren't familiar with it. I wasn't, either, until a couple years ago. *g*

He could also be John Constantine. Not the sucky movie version, but the comic book version.

Or he could just be a down and out wall street suit?

... regardless, if he were any of the three, I'd dig it.

hee! Destina's response didn't show up until after I hit "post comment".

Great minds, etc.

Hee, hopefully not the down and out suit, because those stains really did look like blood.

But Constantine is totally a viable option!

I don't know if I could stand for there to be such an awesome kid in the universe.

I know! And he was sooooooo cute!

The children in your neighborhood dress up like angels. In mine (and I am not making this up), I saw a maybe two year old dressed up like a pimp.

Ah, Baltimore.

I agree. Gross sounds like an appropriate word.

aha, i forgot that you are in brooklyn, where there are actual children trick-or-treating :).

I think I gave everyone the wrong impression when I said "boy"! I meant early 20s and super-cute, not single-digit and super-cute!

hmmmmm. in that case, maybe i should be moving to your neighborhood.

That sounds so cool! :D I kept looking out for a Sam or Dean in the village parade. Well. They do have a lot of obscure costumes! Maybe one year they'll do it. ;)

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