kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

my cheeks hurt

because you made me smile so hard, with the lovely birthday wishes. Seriously, this has not been a good year, and it helps tremendously to know that so many of you remembered my birthday and went out of your way to make sure you did whatever you could to make my day a good one. Thank you so much!

Thanks to pheebs1, quirkies, counteragent, embroiderama, pinkphoenix1985, nightowlv, azewewish, destina, tenaciousmetoo, and fleshflutter (and I knew I'd leave someone out! I suck! and shotofjack and oxoniensis) for the birthday greetings; thanks to janissa11, destina, deirdre_c, smilla02, apreludetoanend, and siriusslash for the bevy of virtual gifts!

And I know there are more stories coming (that is always nice to hear!), but I want to point out the two wonderful stories that got posted for me yesterday:

dotfic continued her startlingly original John-with-wings 'verse (did you know it was a verse? I did not know it was a verse!) with a frankly awesome story that does such beautiful, careful work with the dynamics of the Winchester men early on and gives us as satisfying a look at Bobby as we could hope for: Unexpected Company.

girl_wonder went back even further, to a different Winchester family of three, when Dean was just born and Mary (oh, Mary!) was trying to live with herself as the one who gave birth to and traded away the life of this extraordinary child. Her Mary is strong and determined and heartbreaking, and Dean just shines: Family Resemblance.

And because I needed a goal to work toward, I did some writing of my own, and posted the long-overdue, penultimate installment of my Ben/Dean series: scene eleven.

There's so much I want to write! Not just SPN, though there's scene twelve, the rest of "Generation," a Sam-and-his-reaper story, a (hopefully funny) story about the boys and movies, and more. For the first time (except for "Bones of Shelbyville"), there are crossovers I'd really like to tackle.

And that brings us to TV I'm watching and not watching (spoilers for all aired eps possible). How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, House, Fringe, Bones, Pushing Daisies, The Office, Life . . .Collapse )
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