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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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"Glass" (SPN ficlet, spoilers for 4x01, gen, PG)
his grief lays waste to the world
Hi, everybody!

New ficlet, based on a character from 4x01. Thanks to janissa11 for the enthusiastic read-through.

The lovely cover art was made by the even lovelier oxoniensis.



I will think on the Lord with every breath in. With every breath out, I will think on my soul.

He could see his soul, a small glass shape in a room of pure white. As he prayed, with every exhalation, he could see the glass getting clearer, the smudges of smoke becoming fainter, less like dirty, greasy fingerprints of sin.

He wanted to stay, to watch his own painful purification, but his vision began to brown out around the edges. He was going to have to get up, eat, and work, small things to keep marking the time until he could be raised to heaven.

He scrubbed himself clean under a shower of cold needles, ate oats with canned peaches, and finished tying his tie between bites. The window over the sink only showed clouds and bushes shaking in the breeze, so he pulled on an overcoat after finishing the dishes.

And then as he picked up his keys, he felt them hot in his hand, could see the diamond glitter of the last drop of water clinging to the faucet, could taste the sweetness of the last syrupy slice of peach clinging to his tongue.

He knew everything. He didn't need to close his eyes to see the fragile, smoky glass of his soul.

He was smiling when it shattered.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Nice! Poetic and unnerving. Beautifully written! :) If I had an icon of this character, I would use it but alas. I have not yet found one that I want.

I was lying in bed this morning, trying to get the first line just right. I'm so glad this worked for you!

(Deleted comment)
He is the vessel, absolutely, and I don't know what else to call him either (though I pictured him as a Conrad, for some reason). Thanks for the kind words!

this was really interesting! i love how sensory it was -- so tactile.

Wow, that's excellent. I was hoping someone would do a fic from Castiel's host's pov (I hope I guessed right!).

Wonderful use of language.

Yeah, you totally did. I'm so pleased you liked this!

Magnificent details - you packed a hell of a lot into such a short piece!

Thanks very much! I liked the idea of denseness here, that there was so much that had to be dispensed with before Castiel could inhabit that body.

Very interesting and worthwhile POV choice and you did it justice. Lovely detail in this.

Thanks so much - this one just came to me in a rush.

Oh, I'm so glad you wrote something about the vessel. This is beautiful, and the details are fantastic, especially the last line.

(I think I needed to assert his deadness before I could let myself enjoy the Dean/Castiel that's slowly coming forth.) Glad you liked!

Damn...beautifully written. But ouch! Not a big fan of possession, even when it's at the host's desire and by an angel. This scares me.

I think that's the right reaction, and totally Dean's reaction too - the whole "why would God notice me?" thing isn't a sign of low self-esteem, but rather rationality. Why would you WANT to be singled out like this?


Oooh I like how this treads a line between transcendence and something a little unstable. :)

Thanks! The Vessel's story - even if it's not this - has to be interesting.

This is marvelous prose poetry, so lyrical and evocative. I love the idea of the vessel being this sort of man, who sees life through that perspective.

Thanks so much for the kind words!

Perfectly executed. I love the dangerous feel to all that pseudo-nirvana. Thank you so much for sharing! Love love love the conciseness and the simplistic detail of your writing style.

That is lovely to hear - thank you so much!

(And that icon reminds me of one of my very favorite moments in the entire series, so yay!)

Oh, wow. This is so beautiful. It's like looking through a lens: everything's crystal clear and perfectly defined.

What a lovely thing to say! Thank you, honey!

Incredibly intense and detailed. Exalted, at the end. And I like Conrad, as a name for who he used to be.

Conrad just works for me. I'm so pleased you liked this! Thanks!

This is gorgeous - a perfect mixture of the mundane and the spiritual. And it feels right, that the man an angel would chose as a vessel would be this serene, this welcoming of his future.

Ah, you're spoiling me, with the thoughtful comments and the demonstrations of your boundless talent! Thank you very much!

This. Yes. Fantastic. It's amazing how you've told us so much in so few, well-chosen words. What a beautiful picture of his essence.

Oh, thank you so much! I'm very pleased that this worked for you!

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