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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

[sticky post]MASTER FIC LIST [NOTE: no longer current, please check dw for accurate listings]
me in springfield
NOTE: As of mid-2017, I stopped cross-posting from Dreamwidth to LiveJournal. This list is now on my DW page. Happy reading!

life, journaling, and Rufus
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Hi, everybody!

I should start by saying that I won't be crossposting to lj after this post; why bother when I have this lovely dw account doing all the heavy lifting anyway?

How are you guys? I haven't talked much online for some time. Some of that is just life getting in the way - health issues and being unemployed again. I got laid off at the end of March and have been fairly depressed about being on the job market again. I know I should keep my chin up, but job-hunting is genuinely the worst thing I personally have ever had to do.

I haven't really been writing very much either. My whole team got laid off, and we were super busy up to the last minute, and I've sort of collapsed in exhaustion after that. I've been watching a lot of TV and reading a lot of books. The extent of my focus has been to track down and (re)watch as much as I can of my darling Rufus Sewell, who has been in my dreamboat hall of fame since Cold Comfort Farm. First it was Victoria, which reignited that fire in the first place, and then it was CCF, Zen, Middlemarch, and The Taming of the Shrew. He is absolutely lovely in all of those. I've kind of started taking notes to write in some of these fandoms, so that my WiP folder has stuff for Middlemarch, Cold Comfort Farm, and Victoria, as well as the long-gestating Steve+/Bucky story in which Steve has been in love with Bucky from the beginning, and Bucky has never thought of Steve that way (original, I know). I really do want to write all of these stories, so don't let me make any excuses!

And then today I felt pretty damn depressed, and I cheered myself up by making a vid for one of my favorite shows - Zen. It's a BBC production from 2011, three ninety-minute episodes with Rufus as a detective in Rome, looking absolutely splendid. Aurelio Zen is such a fantastic character; he's sneaky and funny and gorgeous and romantic and intelligent and plodding and wary all at once. Here's the vid:

Aurelio Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy from Innie Darling on Vimeo.

So that's what's up with me. Come chat if you're feeling up to it!

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leading men
roman holiday: things are escalating
Hi, everybody!

I know I owe a million things to a million people, but let's put all of that aside just for a moment, shall we? Let's talk about some (unconventional) leading men instead.

First, like everyone who enjoys smart, interesting, adorable TV shows that are female-centric and have a primarily non-white cast, I'm watching Jane the Virgin. And this week's episode made some very big moves - so please only read thisCollapse ) if you've already seen it. You can bet I'll be rehashing some of these queries around Yuletide.

Second, who else is watching/has watched Victoria on PBS/ITV? I DVR'd the early episodes simply because I used to teach Victorian literature and am fairly incapable of passing up anything to do with that particular era, and got the pleasantest shock I'd had in a long time to see my darling Rufus Sewell, dashing and lovely as ever, playing Lord Melbourne, the young queen's first and favorite Prime Minister. Man, he has aged well - his face is still as interesting and haunted as ever, which really suits his character's backstory (he's always been turned on by, and loved by, brilliant women - the one he married wrecked him utterly). Still, I couldn't help feeling like I'd seen him do this type of thing before, and it finally hit me that this must be very much like what he was like - nimbly finding that balance between the paternal and the romantic - when he originated the role of Septimus in one of my all-time favorite plays, Tom Stoppard's Arcadia. How I wish I could have seen that production (or at least some recording of it)! Septimus and Thomasina grow up to be Lord Melbourne and Queen Victoria - the parallel's not exact, but it's pretty close. (He's on stage in London right now, and I wish he'd come back to New York.)

Third, I saw Dear Evan Hansen again last night, and I came to the conclusion that the creators of this show might have written something perfect that only works in these particular circumstances, by which I mean with this leading man: Ben Platt (yes, Benji from the Pitch Perfect movies). He is extraordinarily talented. His acting was non-stop; there was not a single moment in which he checked out of all of the anxieties and horrors his character faces, and he had all of the gestures and coping mechanisms down. That probably sounds exhausting to watch, but it wasn't - it just felt real. (Though I'll admit that I was tense the whole way through and had to prevent myself from saying, "oh, honey" more than once.) And he has an astonishingly lovely singing voice that really suits the style of the songs. If you are in New York and/or visiting this year, make every effort to see this show.

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2016 theater (Lupita Nyong'o felt me up)
shaking heart and lisping mouth, out of step, volcanic and sincere, mmmm jack
Hi, everybody!

I am beyond late with my posts about all of the theater I saw in 2016, and earnestly resolve to do better moving forward.

Shows, some with spoilery descriptionsCollapse )

In movie/book news, I've seen Riz Ahmed in so many things, but it took seeing images of him on a friend's tumblr to realize why I'd "recognized" him before - he's my dream-casting for Cardenio Richey (one of my two favorite characters from Sarah Monette's Doctrine of Labyrinths series). Who's with me?

How have you all been?

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And Whether Pigs Have Wings [2 OF 2] (Selfie: Charmonique+Henry, Henry/Eliza)
john cho bw, heart-stoppingly beautiful, goddamn lovely, sweet-faced boy

And Whether Pigs Have Wings [2/2]Collapse )
As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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And Whether Pigs Have Wings [1 of 2] (Selfie: Charmonique+Henry, Henry/Eliza)
bright-eyed, adorable isn't even the word, holy cats, a little cutie pie
And, finally, here's the last fic I posted for this year's Yuletide, though the first I started writing, because I started it more than two years ago. (I went back and checked, and it looks like I started it around Thanksgiving 2014, a few weeks after the show was stupidly canceled, and one day after my other story in this fandom - The Perfectionist - was posted. I kept working on it sporadically and thought maybe I could get it done to post for my birthday, but since Yuletide assignments came out a week before my birthday, all of my ficcing energy went toward my assignment - this was the first year since I started this journal eleven years ago that I didn't have a story to post on my birthday.) I already knew and liked Ghostcat not just from her own extraordinary fics but also from her stellar work betaing a co-authored fic I worked on, and her letter asked for anything having to do with Selfie; she clearly missed the show like I did, and I knew from her kind comment on "The Perfectionist" that we liked the same things about the show. I asked blithers, who'd been such a champ in helping me with "The Perfectionist" to work her beta magic again, and she made me think a lot about the shape of the story and how to edit it judiciously; it's so much better than it was before. I had about 10K before I picked it back up for Yuletide, at which point I cut around 5K and various plotlines and then went from there. The title is from Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" and was meant to get across that sense of "when pigs fly" that Henry has when he thinks about getting an amazing and devoted girlfriend (silly Henry - you're played by JOHN CHO!).

And Whether Pigs Have WingsCollapse )
part 2/2
As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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The Optics of These Eyes Behold Felicity (Captive Prince: Damen/Laurent)
i'll have what he's having, all the world's a stage, the power of imagination
While I was procrastinating on writing my longest Yuletide fic, I ended up writing a very short little ficlet in the fandom for C. S. Pacat's Captive Prince. I only started the series after the third book was published in the US earlier this year, and when I finished I thought that it was not a fandom I could imagine writing in, though I did want to try writing something fluffy and funny in which Laurent has to get glasses and is his usual charming self about it. Surprisingly, no one made that specific request, so I was free to write it as a ficlet and choose a recipient on my own. I picked dsudis out of all the people who requested Damen/Laurent Captive Prince fic because I like her writing a lot and also very much appreciate her AO3 icon. I got this done in about ninety minutes and then bookwyrm (from the beta list) did a great last-minute beta for me. I was surprised by the response this one got (particularly since it was a handwavy AU because I couldn't quite remember where all the characters finished the trilogy), but I guess the fandom appreciates fluff. The title is from Sir Thomas Browne's lovely Religio Medici, which was the only thing I could think of with the word "optics," and which I seem not to have used before (though I could have sworn I'd used RM in a fannish context previously).

The Optics of These Eyes Behold FelicityCollapse )
As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Sail Upon the Land (Six of Crows: Nina+Inej, Inej/Kaz)
sari, heavy-lidded
I wanted to surprise musesfool with a fic, and since I only picked up Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom because of her, that seemed like the right fandom to write in. I creeped on vic's journal and found that ryfkah was a frequent commenter on all things relating to the SoC series and so I asked her to beta for me, and she proved to be wonderfully insightful. Except for how needlessly young all the characters are (while acting like they're in their thirties at least), I don't have a single significant complaint about these books - they're a great read and you'll enjoy them a lot. The title is from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, which I was looking at because I remembered the bit where Titania is reminiscing about her pregnant handmaiden, whose belly has swollen like a sail catching the wind, and that image of a ship's full sails was important to the last section of this story and also to situate Inej properly. (A fun fact that is fun only to me: three of the five stories I wrote this year for Yuletide, including this one, feature waffles, specifically friends strengthening their bonds over waffles. I love waffles - maybe I should be on the Satellite of Love.)

Sail Upon the LandCollapse )
As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Eating a Peach (Push: Nick/Cassie, explicit)
lusty, mf you mf, good enough to eat, stays on task
The next story I wrote was in the Push fandom, and I recruited the person who got me into that fandom - that dirty, dirty enabler musesfool - to beta for me. The recipient, caphairdadbeard, seemed to want what I want from Push fic, namely Nick and Cassie sexing each other up when Cassie's just a bit older. I figured I could write that, and I have to say, I really like how this piece turned out - Nick feels authentically crazed and turned on by her and Cassie just keeps moving forward. Vic helped a lot by making me reconsider the ending and then misjudged how absolutely shameless I am when she jokingly suggested a title having to do with eating peaches (it makes sense within the context of the story, but if you need a spoiler for a story that's less than two thousand words, check out the icon).

Eating a PeachCollapse )
As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Fork That Clown Nook (The Good Place, Eleanor + Chidi)
i'm a janeite, women's work, shapely sentences, a room of one's own
Hi, everybody!

It's been a pretty great New Year's weekend thus far - highlights include finishing reading the Yuletide collections, watching two classic eps of The X-Files ("her name is Bambi?"), catching the "Whacking Day" ep of The Simpsons, and spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I've cooked a big batch of black-eyed peas, made up a recipe for peanut-butter/banana/oatmeal loaf, and shelled four pomegranates. And the lazy day continues tomorrow! Whoo-hoo!

So, now that reveals have happened, let's talk a little about Yuletide. As I said, I wrote five stories, but before we get there, let's take a look at the astonishingly good story that ChibiSquirt wrote for me: Not the Worst Story I Know [Sarah Monette's Doctrine of Labyrinths]. It's Mehitabel, set when she's Stephen's consort, asked to play Porphyria Levant on stage, and so of course she starts thinking about the obligation d'âme. And that triggers her to think about Mildmay and what she thought of him then and what she thinks of him now that it's over between them, and just trust me, the story is SO smart and SO good and sounds just like Tabby.

I only hope that my recipient natacup82 felt half as pleased with what I wrote for my main assignment. It was for The Good Place, a show that has - in the space of only nine episodes so far! - continuously reinvented itself and moved every moving piece and some I thought would be fixed. If you haven't yet seen the show, you're missing out (though I'll admit that the first ep, which does a lot of table-setting, was a bit of a slog). I got lucky in that the show went to some very interesting places and resolved some questions while raising others, and then in early November announced that it was on hiatus until early January (it comes back this week!), so I had plenty of time to get my bearings and start to write. I wanted to try to hit the balance between being bad and getting better that Eleanor is negotiating plus uncertainty about what she wants her relationship with Chidi to be and what it even is right now. I had a lot of fun writing it. My girl htbthomas did a great beta on this (and I got to return the favor when she picked up a pinch-hit in the same fandom).

Fork That Clown NookCollapse )
As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Yuletide recs!
simple story, exit pursued by a bear, shakespeare, nerdery
"The time has come," the Walrus said, / "To talk of many things." Well, I AM THE WALRUS and I want to talk about Yuletide and this hellish year finally ending!

I received a beautiful story as my gift (you'll see it below) and wrote five stories in five fandoms, totalling 24,717 words. Two of the four treats were for friends I've written for before, though neither seems to suspect, which is making me very smug right now. If you have any last-minute guesses about what I wrote, speak now and get a drabble or something for any direct hits!

I'm really liking this longer Yuletide schedule - not only did we get a lot more long stories, but I even had the time to get through not only the main 2016 collection but also the madness collection as well. Whee! Recs below!

Amelia Peabody / The Americans / Beauty and the Beast / A Bit of Fry and Laurie / Blandings Castle / The Bletchley Circle / The Bone Key / The Breakfast Club / Broad City / Burn Notice / Captive Prince / Crazy Ex-Girlfriend / Deadpool / Dirk Gently / Dirty Dancing / Doctrine of Labyrinths / Ex Machina / The Goblin Emperor / The Good Place / Grantchester / Hadestown / Jane Eyre / Jeeves & Wooster / Kings / L.A. Confidential / Leverage / Life / Lord Peter Wimsey / The Losers / Love and Friendship / The Nice Guys / Pitch / Political Animals / Romancing the Stone / Rome / Selfie / Spy / The Sting / Strangers with Candy / The Tenant of Wildfell Hall / A Year and A Day in Old Theradane / The Yellow WallpaperCollapse )

So, as the last hours of 2016 slip by, does anyone have something good to share? I've got three things - all of these wonderful stories, the fact that I saw so much amazing theater [I owe reviews for the whole year and I promise to get that done soonish], and that my best friend had a baby at the beginning of the year who is a wonder and a delight and my hope for the future.

Happy reading and happy new year!

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Yuletide letter, whoo-hoo!
face of the future, futuristic sepia, every reflex
Hey, gorgeous!

Let me say first off - thanks! I think you're nifty to write something in a tiny fandom we share! Above all, if you have a good time writing the story, that will shine through, and I guarantee that I'll enjoy it too.

I'm fairly catholic in my tastes; I read all of the following: gen, het, slash, humor, horror, angst, character-driven pieces, plotty pieces, AUs, canon-compliant fics, and more. I swoon for humor. I'm impressed by world-building, and I love seeing those little details that tell me you've thought about the realities of the place you're depicting. I adore quietly sorrowful stories. I quite enjoy romance and smut.

I'm okay with crossovers but don't go out of my way to read them, particularly for Yuletide. One thing I don't like is the fannish tendency to pair the same actors up in a number of universes - like writing Chris Evans or Anthony Mackie (or characters they play) into a 'verse that includes Sebastian Stan (in this case, his character Jack Benjamin); I'd far prefer an OC.

I don't really enjoy unremittingly dark fic, and I don't want anything with a terribly unhappy ending, infidelity, dub-con, non-con, humiliation, power-play, or polyamory, please. I'm also not really a fan of holiday-themed stories, particularly since I don't celebrate any holiday occurring on the same timeline as Yuletide.

(I tend to do a lot of clickety-clicking once I have my assignment, but in case you'd rather just have a couple of straightforward links, here is my master fic list (stories are listed in the order in which I wrote them within each fandom) and here I am on AO3 under the name innie. I don't have a tumblr or twitter - I'm just on lj, dw, and AO3.)

Now on to the details, since I think I'm more likely to get a story that hits all of my buttons if I tell you what my buttons are for these fandoms. I would be deliriously happy with a fic for any of these requests!

Kings, Sarah Monette's Doctrine of Labyrinths, Jane the VirginCollapse )

Thank you so much! I know I will adore whatever you write for me - happy writing!

All the best,

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Where the Spinning World Sleeps on Its Axis (Captain America: Bucky & T'Challa, PG)
quintessential, wear you like a jewel, winter soldier, bucky barnes
Hi, everybody!

So it's the birthday of the reliably wonderful musesfool, and I wanted to write her a little something. Given that she and I saw Captain America: Civil War together twice and we had long discussions in which we kept repeating - to absolutely no objection - that Bucky and T'Challa were the best, I figured I knew who to write about. Hahahaha. Why do I always forget how difficult writing is? Anyway, honey, happy birthday!

(It's a short fic, rated PG, that tries to show how Bucky, T'Challa, and Steve got to the mid-credits scene of Captain America: Civil War. Title from Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers.)

Where the Spinning World Sleeps on Its AxisCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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the stars are so close over your head . . .
quintessential, wear you like a jewel, winter soldier, bucky barnes
. . . you feel you could reach up and stir them around. (Yes, I watched It Happened One Night for the mumbleth time while cleaning and reorganizing my kitchen this morning.) And last night, for the first time in a long time, I sat up until I finished my book in a one-sitting read: Frances Hardinge's Cuckoo Song. It's a little more horror-ish than her other books (I've read all of them except The Lie Tree), but just as beautifully conceived and written. I love that her worlds are so creative and that her characters live up to them. Also - and this is no small consideration - that her protagonists (who are usually girls aged 11-16) are interested in and fight for love (of self,of family, of friends) but do not spend their time on romance or sex. It makes a really refreshing change from the love triangles I've read over and over. I don't want to spoil anything, but I was amused that there is a character called Sebastian who is enduring "unending winter," and you know where my mind went at that.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is on tomorrow - see, that is EXCELLENT Valentine's Day programming - and I am taking that as a nudge to work on my Stucky Big Bang fic. Long weekend, whoo! Cold weather that makes me want to stay inside and cuddle my laptop - less whoo, but possibly good for my productivity. (I also need to work on my other WiP, for Write The Fic Big Bang.)

In real-life news, my BFF J and his wife E had their baby, L! No in-person cuddles yet, but from the pics, she is adorable. And my little brother found himself a great new girlfriend, R. I like her a lot and hope this leads to good things, specifically babies. That would be fantastic.

How are you all doing?

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writing, dream casting, and more!
quintessential, wear you like a jewel, winter soldier, bucky barnes
Hi, everybody!

So, caught in the grip of the delusion that I'd be more productive (and get at least one of my five WiPs done) if I had a deadline toward which to work, last night I signed up for the Stucky Big Bang. I've got the idea - and about 1300 words - so I'm hoping this will prove to be the nudge I need. Not gonna lie, the thought of seeing an illustration of Bucky and the family I'm picturing for him plus Steve and Sarah is MIGHTY inspiring.

Perhaps there should be a small-fandom big bang that would enable me to get my butt in gear on my Selfie AU, which is currently idling at 10K words. Plus I have pages of notes for a Kings long fic (featuring Jack, of course), ideas for a Maureen-PoV Ricki and the Flash fic, and that Sherlock fic I posted half of. Now that Yuletide is over, I actually have the writing time to tackle some of these, so I'm not really sure why I'm dragging my feet.

Meanwhile, I saw an amazing play - Marjorie Prime - the other night and saw in the program notes that they're making a film of it with the same star, Lois Smith. (She was phenomenal, as were Stephen Root and Lisa Emery. The one with the least to do was Noah Bean, who was still quite good, playing Walter Prime.) As I was heading home, I started dream-casting the movie. I'd keep Stephen Root as Jon. I'd like to see Vera Farmiga take on the role of Tess, and I want to see what Sebastian Stan could make of the role of Walter Prime. However, when I got home, I looked up the project on IMDb and saw that Jon Hamm, who's at least fifteen years too old for the role (based on the play's casting; I haven't read the script) will be playing Walter Prime, which dashed my hopes. And then I started thinking more widely about dream-casting, which I do every so often.

I want to see Sebastian Stan play Septimus Hodge, either on stage or in a filmed version of the splendid Arcadia. I know I mentioned at some point that I think Martin Freeman should play Cyrano de Bergerac (with a good, lusty translation). And I recall saying that Óscar Jaenada would make a splendid Maxim de Winter. I know people keep mentioning John Cho as an ideal Mr. Darcy, but we've had so many Pride and Prejudices, and we've had such good versions of Northanger Abbey (lbr, the only Austen hero I'm actually in love with is Henry Tilney, novel-reader, affectionate brother, and world-class banterer) and North and South recently that I don't feel the need to recast them. So, maybe Austen light - as in, Georgette Heyer? Cho would be great in The Corinthian, which is basically a Regency-era It Happened One Night, so he could be not only the dashing hero but also the exasperated foil to a plucky, whackadoodle dame!

Oh, I had a bunch more of these that are now slipping my mind, so I'll leave you with those four and ask which favorite actors you'd like to see playing which favorite roles. Also, how are you all doing?

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2015 writing round-up
me in springfield
Hi again, everybody!

As I've done the past two years, I thought I'd do a round-up of what I've written in 2015. Here goes!

no stories posted
no posts posted - I clearly need the Porn Battle to be fannishly active!
Let Me Show You, Baby, I'm a Talented Boy - The Losers: Cougar/Jensen
Everything Looks Beautiful (When You're Young and Pretty) - The Mindy Project: Mindy/Danny (parts one and two of six)
By Sunlight, By Candlelight - The Musketeers: Athos/Aramis, Athos/Porthos, Porthos/Aramis
no stories posted
You've Got the Butterflies All Tied Up - The Losers: Cougar/Jensen
By Starlight, By Firelight - The Musketeers: Porthos/Aramis
In Daylight, In Darkness - The Musketeers: Porthos/Aramis, unrequited Porthos/Athos
A Long Way from Here to Regret - Playing It Cool: Me/Her, Me & Mallory
Floaters - Captain America: Steve/Bucky (birthday)
Between Their Loved Homes and the War's Desolation - Captain America: Steve/Sam (Not Prime Time)
no stories posted
no stories posted
Magnets - Captain America: Steve/Bucky (birthday)
Everything Looks Beautiful (When You're Young and Pretty) - The Mindy Project: Mindy/Danny (part six of six)
no stories posted
Lurcona - The Nanny: Niles gen (Yuletide)
The Invention - Rebel Belles: Harper/David, Harper & Bee, Harper/Ryan (Yuletide)
You Say Potato, I Say Tuber - The Martian: Beck/Watney with bonus Martinez (Yuletide)
GoldTooth Designs - What's Your Number?: Ally/Colin (Yuletide)

I don't know that I'd call myself particularly productive this year - I know that I ventured out into some new territory, but all I can see are the WiPs that are languishing on my hard drive; I've got long fics for Sherlock (that one I was writing in 221Bs), Selfie (the college internship AU), Kings (my take on what happens next for Jack - this is the role for which I first came to admire Sebastian Stan), and Captain America (my Steve/Bucky fanon) to write, polish, and post. I do like that I started writing fic for The Losers, which I'd like to do more of. I very much enjoyed my foray (one trilogy's worth) into The Musketeers, but don't think I'll go back to it unless the next series does something particularly compelling. I'm very glad I got to write a few Yuletide fics and that my productivity increased as the year went on. One thing I tried this year that I hadn't before and probably won't again: co-writing. My co-author, blithers, was lovely and productive, and we had a phenomenal beta, ghostcat3000, but a few other people dropped out of the project without a word, which meant that b and I were left scrambling and our readers were left in the lurch (this is why I usually don't post works in progress). We ended up cutting one entire year from our high school AU, which weakened the story considerably, though I think we made a good comeback in terms of having to write senior year from scratch.

And now I'm done with the navel-gazing. May 2016 be amazing for all of us!

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GoldTooth Designs (What's Your Number?, Ally/Colin, R)
yessss, the little guy who could, great american hero, cap
And, finally, I wanted to write a fic for a friend. I met minim_calibre back in Supernatural fandom, where she was indispensable, and then earlier this year, she did me the tremendous favor of betaing my Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson fic for a different challenge. Her Yuletide letter listed four fandoms we share, and I ended up writing fic for a very silly movie for her, because it is my laundry-folding movie too. (I have become a person who has now written two fics for What's Your Number?, the movie best known for the length of time that Chris Evans is naked in it. How is this my life?) Anyway, Min seemed to like the fic, which is all I was hoping for.

GoldTooth DesignsCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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You Say Potato, I Say Tuber (The Martian, Beck/Watney with bonus Martinez, PG-13)
quintessential, wear you like a jewel, winter soldier, bucky barnes
There were a lot of requests for The Martian this year, and I'd read the book a year or two ago, read the great Bucky/Steve fic based on it, and saw the movie opening night, so I thought I could play in the fandom (I did a bit of book/movie melding). So many of the letters (including blue_eyed's) requested Beck/Watney, and while I don't particularly ship them devotedly myself, it's also hard to argue with people who very astutely ask how it is possible to keep from shipping a Sebastian Stan character with his leading man; that is clearly a task for a better woman than I. So. Here we are. (Oh! I nearly forgot - I got the line about Johanssen's size from the terrible movie Strictly Business.)

You Say Potato, I Say TuberCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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The Invention (Rebel Belles, PG-13, Harper/David, Harper & Bee, Harper/Ryan)
tumbled hair, girls rule, austen
Taking a step back to the first thing I wrote for this year's Yuletide, here's a tiny fic for a very charming book series called Rebel Belle, by Rachel Hawkins. The first two books are out, and they're a fun and very fast read - you should be able to get through both in a few hours. The main character, Harper, is a pop-culture aware Southern belle who gains a superpower and a destiny due to an unexpected encounter. (It should also be noted that I have yet to break my habit of writing fic for blithers, with whom I co-wrote a beast of a fic this year.)

The InventionCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Lurcona (The Nanny with some Buffy thrown in, Gen, PG)
dean is dubious
Hi, everybody! Happy New Year!

I've eaten my black-eyed peas (which took forever to make, since I couldn't get the pressure cooker to shut), baked some eggless cranberry-almond-orange loaf, shelled and eaten two lovely pomegranates, made a good start on reorganizing my kitchen, and caught up with a few friends over texts, emails, and phone calls. And so now it is time to talk about Yuletide.

I received a smart and sharp gift in the Kings fandom:
Summoned (1092 words) by faithful4you
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kings (TV 2009)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Jack Benjamin

Post-"The New King". Jack is summoned.

I would still like to write my own Jack-centric fic one of these days, but there are several epics in my head that have not yet made it to my laptop, so we'll have to see.

And I wrote four fics for Yuletide this year - only one for my matched recipient, since it was the only fandom of hers that I knew. She asked for Niles from The Nanny, and I'd often thought, idly, that it would be fun to introduce Niles and C.C. to BtVS, as sort of off-verse versions of Giles and Buffy (prompted by a demon masquerading as Sylvia Fine). And I finally got a chance to write it! It didn't come out nearly as riotous or hilarious as it was in my head, and the undercurrent of Niles's dissatisfaction with his life and Mr. Sheffield in particular surprised me, but my recipient seems to like it, and some other people said nice things too.

LurconaCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Theater round-up (end of 2015)
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Hi, everybody!

I decided to take a wee break from gorging on Yuletide fics (so gorgeous! so many!) to post about all the live performances I saw in the second half of 2015. (You can find all my posts in this vein by clicking the "theater" tag, if you're curious.)

The Audience: Read more...Collapse ) 6/10

Skylight: Read more...Collapse ) 7.5/10

On the Town: Read more...Collapse ) 4.5/10

The Qualms: Read more...Collapse ) 7.5/10

Little Shop of Horrors: Read more...Collapse ) 9.25/10

Everyman: Read more...Collapse ) 4/10

The Wild Party: Read more...Collapse ) 9/10

Whorl Inside a Loop: Read more...Collapse ) 9/10

The Black Book: Read more...Collapse ) 7/10

Hand to God: Read more...Collapse ) 6.5/10

Old Times: Read more...Collapse ) 3/10

Spring Awakening: Read more...Collapse ) 9/10

Seven Guitars: Read more...Collapse ) 7.5/10

Fool for Love: Read more...Collapse ) 8.5/10

The Flick: Read more...Collapse ) 8.5/10

The King and I: Read more...Collapse ) 8/10

Henry IV: Read more...Collapse ) 9/10

Hell's Belles: Read more...Collapse ) 3/10

The Pillowman: Read more...Collapse ) 6/10

Russia's Jewish Composers: Read more...Collapse )

Arcadia: Read more...Collapse ) 9/10

These Paper Bullets!: Read more...Collapse ) 4/10

Fiddler on the Roof: Read more...Collapse ) 8/10

The Humans: Read more...Collapse ) 9/10

The Changeling: Read more...Collapse ) 6.75/10

And that's it for 2015! I have a ticket for A View from the Bridge and I'd like to see The Color Purple and Marjorie Prime and In the Heights and The Robber Bridegroom. I'm not sure about Noises Off!, though the cast is excellent. I might see A Streetcar Named Desire with Gillian Anderson as Blanche (which I already saw in London) when it comes to Brooklyn. I'll look for reviews before booking tickets for Romeo and Juliet, The Royale, and The School for Scandal. I'll be seeing Hamilton with my brother in April and She Loves Me with a friend, most likely in March.

What are you guys up to? Let me know if I'm missing something I should absolutely see.

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Wednesday in New York with Mark Strong!
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
A friend needs to give up her ticket to A View from the Bridge this Wednesday at 8 pm. It cost her $69 but she might be willing to entertain other offers. If you're interested, you can get her at amyelizabethbennett@gmail.com. Thanks!

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me in springfield
Hi, everybody!

So I went with my little brother to India and, as usual, was rampantly, grossly sick the entire time. Traveling - particularly to India - just does not agree with me. SOP is that going to India involves staying with various family members and doing very little sightseeing (we ourselves, as the American babies, become the sight for our family to see). So I don't have a lot of pictures to share because they're mostly of family. We did time our trip to be there during Diwali, which we've never managed before, though we were in Bangalore for most of it, and Bangalore experienced torrential rains; it looks like Mumbai would have been the place to be, if the after-the-fact lights we saw and the consistent noise of crackers going off were any indication. We did a one-day trip to Mysore, which was the extent of our touristy stuff, but even that was mostly about family connections. On the plus side, everyone was so worried about my health that there was a conspicuous lack of "why aren't you married!?!" happening. Small mercies. Perhaps my last strategy, which was to tell them earnestly that I hoped to live and die as a single woman was effective.

So here's the only picture I'm up for sharing - it's me with jasmine in my hair. (There are some experiences that are so lovely and fundamental that I can't imagine myself without having had them, and wearing jasmine in my hair and smelling that clean, fresh, sweet scent with every movement is one of them. I wish it for all of you.)

Anyway, I'm back now, still sick from the trip and sick in a whole new way from being back (it looks like I might have caught something respiratory from my office-mate). Hopefully I won't have to go back any time soon - maybe the family can come visit me here instead.

Enough about that - how are all of you?

ps - grrrr, Yuletide. SO MUCH I want to write, so hard to stay awake and actually get it done!

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Yuletide letter, whoo!
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Hi there, Author/Pinch-hitter/Treat-writer/Excellent person!

Let me say first off - thanks! I think you're nifty to write something in a tiny fandom we share! Above all, if you have a good time writing the story, that will shine through, and I guarantee that I'll enjoy it too.

general stuffCollapse )

Kings: Jack BenjaminCollapse )

Mordant's Need - Stephen R. Donaldson: Castellan LebbickCollapse )

Political Animals: T.J. Hammond, Douglas HammondCollapse )

Sally Lockhart - Philip Pullman: Jim Taylor, Adelaide BevanCollapse )

Thank you so much! I know I will adore whatever you write for me - happy writing!

All the best,

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somewhere over the weekend
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Hi, everybody!

I am going to sign up for Yuletide this weekend, without fail, this I vow. I just need to figure out what I want and what I could actually write for someone else. A few of the letters I've seen have been particularly inspiring, so I think I already have a few treats lined up - we'll see if I actually convert that desire into words on a screen.

I'm thisclose to finishing up a project that's been many, many moons in the making, and I am really looking forward to having it off my plate.

Confession time: it's been a while since I watched Political Animals, but I do have vivid memories of one TJ Hammond, as played by wide-eyed beauty boy Sebastian Stan, and I remember being so hurt for him when his lover refused to be with him publicly. AND THEN. Then, I see the lover in a soup commercial, in a relationship with another man, both fathers to a little boy, and I got all worked up, like, "You don't get to have this! You weren't willing to acknowledge TJ!" Um, so I may have been weirdly emotional for the last few weeks.

Part of that might have been due to my birthday. Thank you to everyone who reached out to wish me a lovely day! (I hope you all enjoy my best gift, courtesy of the remarkable [personal profile] musesfool.) Some of it is due to work stuff, where things keep changing and I'm getting tired of people who make demands without thinking about what those changes will mean in practical terms. And some of it is due to my apartment and the property managers who are supposed to be maintaining the building. Oh, and some of it is because of my upcoming trip to India, which I am completely unprepared for.

Plus, half my team at work is sick, and so I'm spending this weekend not budging from the couch. I will sign up for Yuletide, I will read some fic, and I will write some of my own. Yes. And I will watch more of Cosmos, which I have out from the library. Man, the evolution of the eye was super cool!

What are you all up to?

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Magnets (Captain America: Steve/Bucky, PG-13)
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] tenaciousmetoo! In honor of our birthday, how about a little AU take on the fight on the bridge from Captain America: The Winter Soldier? ([personal profile] musesfool did an awesome beta on this for me.)

MagnetsCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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a burst of good news
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Hi, everybody!

There's been a lot of bad news going around, so I thought I'd share the one piece of purely good news I've heard recently: my BFF and his wife are expecting their first baby, sometime in January! eee, I'm going to be an auntie! (Some of you might remember that I have nieces and nephews [my cousin's kids] and a godson already, but this is going to be the first homegrown geographically-close baby I'll have, and anyway my BFF is the greatest guy ever, so the kid is already ahead of the curve.)

They also popped my Staten Island cherry last night - we took the ferry to the SI Yankees game, which was a good game and we were close enough that the crack of the bat (what a satisfying sound!) was absolutely clear, but the whole experience pales in comparison with going to a Cyclones game (go BROOKLYN).

In other news, I've got two works in progress (a Sherlock one and a Selfie one), but am not super motivated to finish either one. All that I want to write is Steve Rogers, Tragic Sexass. (I'm basically walking around doing the STEVE HOLT! arms and saying STEVE ROGERS!) I have a cracky little idea for Steve/Bucky and a much longer, more serious one that's S/B with Nat and Sam being excellent bros. I just don't want to stop reading in order to write, which is kind of a problem. So hit me up with recs or inspiration or just pop in and let me know how you're doing - I miss talking to you guys.

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"Between Their Loved Homes and the War's Desolation" (Captain America: Steve/Sam, R)
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Hi, everybody!

So, you know when you sign up for an anonymous challenge and you're all excited thinking up what you might get and then you get your gift and you're totally blown away by what some kind soul has created just for you? Well, that happened to me just now! One of my requests was for George Cooper, the Rogue, from Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness, and russian_blue went and wrote a sweet, sharp, and clever fic that gets him down so perfectly, language and intuition and intelligence and all: Third Time Pays for All. Go, enjoy!

In other news, I ended up writing more Captain America fic for the challenge (STEVE ROGERS! is basically what I'm saying these days instead of STEVE HOLT!), and got to indulge my fondness for Steve/Sam. justhuman's requests left a lot of wiggle room to write the kind of fic I wanted, which was something that would get Steve and Sam into bed together but believably, not ignoring everything they've both been through - I hope that shows up in the fic. minim_calibre did a beautiful beta on the story and suggested layers. I took the title from the national anthem. No spoilers for Age of Ultron or Ant-Man because I haven't seen either.

Between Their Loved Homes and the War's DesolationCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Floaters (Captain America: Steve/Bucky, PG-13)
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Hi, everybody!

Happy birthday to the tremendously talented and delightful musesfool! Honey, I actually started a Bucky/Steve vid to TMBG's "Hot Cha" only to be rudely reminded how much time vidding takes. So I wrote you something instead, and the marvelous angelgazing did a stellar beta on it. It's your Brooklyn boys, Steve and Bucky, helplessly in love.

FloatersCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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A Long Way from Here to Regret (Playing It Cool: Me/Her, Me & Mallory; R)
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Hi, everybody!

I just remembered I never posted this story here, only over at AO3. It's a ficlet for the new Chris Evans movie Playing It Cool (the one all of those tap-dancing and yoga gifs are from).

A bit of a spoilery note on the story: spoiler and a possible triggerCollapse ) Also, for the purposes of the story, Chris Evans's character is "he," Michelle Monaghan's character is "she," and Aubrey Plaza's character is (actually!) named in the movie - she's Mallory.

Rated R for sensitive issues. Becoming a boyfriend shouldn't make him less of a friend.

A Long Way from Here to RegretCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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In Daylight, In Darkness (The Musketeers: Porthos/Aramis, unrequited Porthos/Athos; R)
that smile!, my favorite musketeer, porthos, have fun with it
And here's the last fic to round out my Musketeers trilogy. This one returns to the idea that Athos has been pining for Porthos, who's happily partnered up with Aramis. Athos cannot be expected to forget his desires.

(Before I forget, I should mention that Tom Burke - who plays Athos - just did a marvelous radio-play version of Cyrano de Bergerac, playing Cyrano beautifully. Go, listen - it's only 75 minutes!)

In Daylight, In DarknessCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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By Starlight, By Firelight (The Musketeers: Porthos/Aramis; NC-17)
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Hi, everybody!

So a little while ago I wrote a Musketeers fic and belatedly realized that what I really wanted to do was write a little trilogy. (I'm calling the series "Proud in the Daylight, Faithful in the Darkness" because that's one of the descriptions Cardinal Richelieu gives of the Musketeers in Dumas's original novel.) So here's part two, the one that gets more into the Porthos/Aramis relationship. Stories have power, after all.

By Starlight, By FirelightCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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You've Got the Butterflies All Tied Up (The Losers: Cougar/Jensen, R)
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Hi, everybody!

It turns out I couldn't stop writing The Losers fic, not with Óscar Jaenada and Chris Evans being so incendiary together, but of course I couldn't quite get my act together and just finish the damn story either. Anyway, I powered through the last of the draft last night and then the always-stellar [personal profile] musesfool did a sharp and incisive beta on it, and here we are. The title is once again from Prince, and the story picks up right where Let Me Show You, Baby, I'm a Talented Boy left off.

You've Got the Butterflies All Tied UpCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Eastern Europe trip: part 6
athlete, rrrrrrrafa, kinesiology
Prague, continuedCollapse )

And I'm DONE! No more travel, no more pictures EVER . . . until November.

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Eastern Europe trip: part 5
victory!, he just did it, say hello to my competence kink
Okay, we're in the home stretch now - just Prague to go!

PragueCollapse )

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Eastern Europe trip: part 4
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Budapest keeps rolling onCollapse )

We took a train to Vienna. ViennaCollapse )

BratislavaCollapse )

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Eastern Europe trip: part 3
for love of the game, precision power tool, communion
[no, I don't know where this will end either - maybe by part 9?]

Budapest, continuedCollapse )

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Eastern Europe trip: part 2
that magic moment, balance, paying off, painterly
Krakow, continuedCollapse )

The train was a disappointment - much less comfortable than the sleeper train I'd taken nearly twenty years earlier through Western Europe - but it got us to Budapest. BudapestCollapse )

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Eastern Europe trip: part 1
what are you looking at, mine all mine, now what?
Hi, everybody!

So I got back from Eastern Europe, where I was sort of sick the entire time (my tummy does NOT travel well), on Sunday evening and then this week at work has been ridiculously busy (and of course, my stomach got even worse - with my period coming in as a bonus!). ANYWAY. I've been wanting to go through the 1000+ pics I took and thought I should start sharing them before I gave up entirely. So here we go.

We started in Warsaw. WarsawCollapse ) We ditched Warsaw early the next morning (we'd heard the sights were better elsewhere), and took an easy train into Krakow.

Krakow and environsCollapse )

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leaving on a jet plane
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Hi, everybody!

I leave tomorrow morning for my vacation, and I'll be incommunicado for a couple of weeks. Take care of yourselves and be good!

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Theater round-up
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Hi, everybody!

I thought I'd do my semiannual theater post a little early for no special reason other than I wanted to do some of the write-ups more immediately after seeing the shows. So, here goes.

(As an aside, Clive Babineaux on iZombie - his face has been driving me crazy because it's SO FAMILIAR and I just couldn't place it. I finally realized - he looks exactly like (younger) Billy Crystal. Go ahead, try to tell me I'm wrong.)

A Month in the Country: Read more...Collapse ) 6/10

Broadway by the Year: Broadway Musicals of 1916-1940: Read more...Collapse )7/10

Into the Woods: Read more...Collapse ) 8/10

Honeymoon in Vegas: Read more...Collapse )6.5/10

Nevermore – The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe: Read more...Collapse )

The 39 Steps: Read more...Collapse )7/10

Rhinoceros: Read more...Collapse )5.75/10

Ghosts: Read more...Collapse )7.25/10

On the 20th Century: Read more...Collapse ) 8.5/10

Airline Highway: Read more...Collapse )8.5/10

Kids in the Hall: Read more...Collapse ) 8/10

What I Did Last Summer: Read more...Collapse )2/10

Something Rotten: Read more...Collapse )8.5/10

'Tis Pity She's a Whore: Read more...Collapse )9.25/10

Molière's Don Juan: Read more...Collapse )4/10

Fun Home: Read more...Collapse )9/10

The Visit: Read more...Collapse ) 5/10

More soon – I have tickets booked for The Audience, Skylight, and Little Shop of Horrors with Ellen Greene and Jake Gyllenhaal! What else should I see?

And how are you all doing?

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Prime Time Player Letter
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Hi, Author/Pinch-hitter/Treat-writer/Excellent person!

This is my letter for Not Prime Time 2015. I hope it's helpful.

Let me say first off - thanks! I think you're nifty to write me a fic in a fandom we share! Above all, if you have a good time writing the story, that will shine through, and I guarantee that I'll enjoy it too.

General stuff:
*I'm requesting gen, het, and slash because I enjoy all of them - write what pleases you best.
*I don't have a rating in mind, so anything from G to NC-17/Explicit is completely fine.
*For this challenge, I'd prefer to have the characters as they are in canon, that is, I'd rather not get a modern AU or a non-thief George or non-soldier Mal/Zoe/Cougar/Jensen or a non-Musketeer Porthos. While I normally enjoy genderswaps, I'd prefer to leave the characters as they're presented in canon.
*I don't really enjoy unremittingly dark fic, and I don't want anything with a terribly unhappy ending, infidelity, dub-con, non-con, humiliation, power-play, or polyamory, please.
*I'm so excited to read your fic!

Song of the Lioness, The Losers, Firefly, The MusketeersCollapse )

(I tend to do a lot of clickety-clicking once I have my assignment, but in case you'd rather just have a couple of straightforward links to figure me out, here is my master fic list (stories are listed in the order in which I wrote them within each fandom) and here I am on AO3 under the name innie. I don't have a tumblr or twitter - I'm just on lj, dw, and AO3.)

Happy writing!

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DC, flowers, tv
perpetual delight, kimmy, uks, subway!
Hi, everybody!

It's the first really gorgeous day of the year here in New York, at least the first one on which we can trust that tomorrow won't be a thirty-degree-colder mockery of today. It's nice! The windows are all open and my neighborhood seems to have come alive.

I spent the early part of the month visiting my dad in DC, though the cherry blossoms had not blossomed. But we walked around DC and I got to eat at my favorite place in DC, where we had an amazing meal, and I took him to this fascinating exhibition; he's not really a museum person, not being into art, but he's an engineer and enough of a nerd to enjoy this.

Last weekend, my mom came for a visit, and as we do every year, we went to the New York Botanical Garden's orchid show. this yearCollapse )

And we had an early dinner, ravenous and footsore as we were, and went to see the play Rhinoceros. While the production wasn't bad, it wasn't especially engaging either (that's a tough ask of an absurdist play), and we left at intermission. Once we got back to my place, we watched an episode of The Musketeers (the one where Porthos is convicted of murder) and I totally forgot that my mom, having never seen an ep of the show before, would take all of my mutterings as gospel. "Oh, you're so dumb," I said with a sigh as Athos, Aramis, and d'Artagnan blustered into the Court of Miracles without an iota of subtlety. "Why is Porthos the only one of you with a brain?" So she said, very seriously, frowning in concentration as she finished my ice cream, "Are they all really stupid?" "YES," I assured her. And my face did that involuntary thing it does - whenever Howard Charles smiles, I smile back at him - and she took eye-rolling note of that too.

There's other TV to discuss too! I adored the first season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, from its insanely catchy theme song to Titus to Kimmy herself, who's been tested and tried and still came up smiling. She is one of my favorite characters of the year. I'm having a great time watching Younger, because Sutton Foster is compulsively watchable. The show itself is better than it needs to be, but not absolutely great, if that makes sense? I like but am not in love with iZombie - I can't stand Blaine and tune out every time the bad guys are on. But Liv herself is lots of fun (the adopting personalities thing is a riot, and distances the show from Pushing Daisies quite neatly), I like Major and Peyton though they need more to do, I like Babineaux ("Cagney and Pasty" made me laugh for a minute straight), and I adore Ravi (though I WISH the show let the characters pronounce his name properly! It's RUH-vee, not RAAH-vee, and that stands even if he's from the UK). The show as a whole is not nearly as engaging for me as Veronica Mars was, and while I can see the similarities, there's no way this show doesn't come a distant second in every comparison. Oh, and Orphan Black returns tonight! Whoot!

Boy, you'd think I have nothing to write with all that TV-watching going on, wouldn't you? And yet, I need to finish a second Musketeers fic, a sequel to my Losers fic, my Selfie AU [I've got nearly 10K so far!], and my Sherlock fic that replaces S3. And also contribute to the ongoing TMP fic I'm cowriting, most of which is already drafted, thank goodness.

So that's what's shaking with me. How about you?

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By Sunlight, By Candlelight (The Musketeers: Athos/Aramis, Athos/Porthos, Porthos/Aramis; R)
that smile!, my favorite musketeer, porthos, have fun with it
Hi, everybody!

I seem to keep falling into these fandom frenzies, in which I need to write a story or two just to stop the characters from taking up every corner of my mind. There's more Losers and Selfie and Sherlock fic coming too, but for now, have the first (of maybe two?) story I've written for The Musketeers (the BBC show). It's set pre-series (so, pre-d'Artagnan) and has each man narrate his own section of the story. The fic features an Athos/Aramis one-night stand, Athos pining for Porthos, Porthos falling in love with Aramis, and Aramis coming to a belated realization. The fantastic and talented killabeez was my wonderful beta on this piece. The quotations in Aramis's section of the narrative are from the Song of Songs. Before they were the Inseparables, they were three Musketeers, learning each other by day and by night.

By Sunlight, By CandlelightCollapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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traveling again - any advice?
vivid, pomegranate, story of a return, like jewels
Hi, everybody!

In a couple of months, I'll be on a trip with my family (parents and little brother) - twelve days in Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, and Prague. [Yes, for those of you counting, that's three vegetarians and an omnivore in Eastern Europe - this will be HILARIOUS, I am sure.] Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do, things to skip, things to eat, etc.? We'll be there at the very end of May through the first week of June. I've been to Vienna before, nearly twenty years ago when I was a wee, poor student, but I don't have specific memories that would be useful. I'd really appreciate any advice you've got to give.

And, just to say thanks in advance, a little story. I share an office with a girl we'll call N. She has a tendency to call out words as she's writing emails and reports, so that I can spell them for her and she can check her work. The other day she said "heifer." As we do not work in agriculture, I said, just to check, "As in, cow?" She asked, "Two F's?" I asked, "Can you give me the sentence you're using it in?" She said, "Yeah. 'You look like a -.'" I said, "Got it. H-E-I-F-E-R." She smiled, sent off her instant message, and settled back with a happy sigh at stirring up shit. And so my work days just fly by.

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Everything Looks Beautiful (When You're Young and Pretty): The Mindy Project HS AU, 1/8
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Hi, everybody!

So remember when I posted a teensy bit of a co-authored The Mindy Project fic? It's now being posted, huzzah! It's been a long time coming, but blithers, Diaphenia, and I, excellently assisted by Ghostcat, are putting together a high-school AU of TMP's first two seasons. There are tons of pairings and characters, obviously, taken from the show itself, and it's been a blast to write. I'm only responsible for three of the eight chapters, so that's all I'll be posting here, but the whole shebang will be up as a single fic on AO3. I hope you enjoy it!

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There's more coming, but as always, I'd love to hear what you think!

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Let Me Show You, Baby, I'm a Talented Boy (The Losers: Cougar/Jensen, R)
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Hi, everybody!

So I come bearing fic for a movie I watched in the theater many, many moons ago (stop laughing, tenaciousmetoo) mostly because JDM was in it - The Losers. [If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for? Óscar Jaenada (Cougar), Chris Evans (Jake Jensen), Zoe Saldana (Aisha), Idris Elba (Roque), Columbus Short (Pooch), and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Clay) are the main cast.] And it's taken me some time to catch up to the indisputable fact of Óscar Jaenada. Would you like some visual aids? Here's a look at what Jensen is seeing throughout this fic.

Here he is with a crown of curls:  photo novabface1_zps8izxhnuq.png
 photo 910845d956-OSCAR JAENADA_zpsuv3hqi9n.jpg

This one is an inside joke with myself (shut up) - the reason Cougar reads Rebecca in the fic is because the moment I saw this picture, I cast OJ as Maxim de Winter:
 photo tumblr_ngv9ezBaKG1thg5zko1_500 3_zpsfyavyopl.png

And this is the conquistador image. Mercy.
 photo MV5BODYyMTkzMjExNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjQyNjg5MQ._V1._SX406_SY400_ 1_zps24x89kj6.jpg

And a bonus one of that sweet-faced boy from the yearbook, all grown up:
 photo tumblr_m7fqwewxRH1rbtc2eo1_500 1_zpswhdr3279.jpg

Anyway, back to the fic. My thanks to [personal profile] musesfool for the beta and encouragement, and to Prince for providing the soundtrack and title (these two have reminded me how great Prince is for sexytimes soundtracks). The story is set pre-movie, and I did use Google Translate myself despite mocking it in the fic, as I don't speak Spanish. It ended up being about 10K of yearning, though I originally figured it would be about 2K of sex, and I didn't even get to use the joke that kick-started the whole thing in my head, so possibly there will be a sequel.

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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WiPs and TV and Rafa
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Hi, everybody!

I've been thinking idly for a few days about posting something about the TV I'm watching, and then I decided to take a page out of [personal profile] musesfool's book and do the WiP meme (share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs) while I was at it.

(1) "Do you wanna go over our schedules for this project?" he asked, picking up a tray and getting behind her in line. He made it sound like he didn't know where her locker was, like if she slipped out of his sight now, he'd never find her again, and he'd be left raising their egg as, like, some unshaven single dad. [from a collaborative high-school AU of The Mindy Project]

(2) And, ah, she'd known he would be good, but it surprised her, how readily he trusted her; when she pleaded, 'Harder,' into his shoulder, he didn't ask if she were sure but simply increased the force of his thrusts, upgrading the rattling of the headboard into a storm. He didn't treat her like she was breakable and didn't seem to expect delicate handling himself, so she let herself go and dug into the meat of his arms, tugged at his hair, and pulled him into her heat with the intent to bruise. [from the second half of Answered with a Question Mark]

(3) "Because she's got legs from here to here" - Charmonique's full wingspan, including inch-long lacquered nails, was impressive, and indicated an intern roughly the size of the Abominable Snowman - "and you really can't miss her. I don't know how you have." [from a college/internship AU of Selfie]

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What's up with you? What are you watching?

(Keep your fingers crossed for my boy Rafa to keep advancing at the Australian Open and to stay healthy and uninjured, please?)

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Yuletide recs
Hi, everybody!

With the exception of one long fic, I've actually made it through the Yuletide archive (main collection), which has never happened before. So why not post some recs?

My own gift was extraordinary, one of the hits of this year's fest, which is a really lovely feeling, I must say:

fighting vainly the old ennui (13049 words) by Fahye
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson, Jack Robinson & Elizabeth Macmillan
Characters: Jack Robinson, Phryne Fisher, Elizabeth MacMillan, Hugh Collins, Dorothy "Dot" Williams
Additional Tags: Identity Porn, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence

The Bowerbird wasn't playing fair; Jack couldn't debate these pieces of paper. He couldn't tell pieces of paper and a growing pile of feathers that he, too, remembered the rare treat that was eating a single piece of tropical fruit in the heavy heat of a Christmas afternoon, stickying his best suit of clothes, which had been so clean and pressed for church that morning.

(In which Inspector Jack Robinson is having a fairly uneventful year, divorce notwithstanding, until he acquires a lady doctor for a drinking buddy and receives a series of flirtatious notes from a jewel thief.)

And the rest! Addams Family, Anne of Green Gables, Archie comics, Blackadder, Broad City, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Calvin and Hobbes, Daddy-Long-Legs, Dead Poets Society, Enlisted, Goblin Emperor, Good Wife, Great Mouse Detective, Hadestown, Hark! A Vagrant, Hot Fuzz, Jeeves, Ladyhawke, Life, Lord Peter Wimsey, Losers, Martian, Middleman, Mindy Project, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Much Ado About Nothing, Musketeers, Nero Wolfe, New Girl, Northanger Abbey, Orphan Black, Princess Bride, Psmith, Push, Rome, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Selfie, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes/Temeraire, Sleepy Hollow, Strictly Ballroom, The Unusuals, Wonder BoysCollapse )

I hope you find lots to enjoy - happy reading!

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2014 writing round-up
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Hi, everybody!

I'm reading fic and have no desire to go to bed just yet, so I thought I should be a little productive and post my writing round-up for 2014, as I did last year.

Iditarod - New Girl: Nick/Jess (Porn Battle & picfor1000)
Boon - Greek mythology: Atalanta/Melanion (Porn Battle)
Lying Awake Intent on Tuning in on You - Sherlock: John/Sally (Porn Battle)
Boyish - Little Women: Jo/Laurie (Porn Battle)
The World Remade - Willow: Sorsha/Madmartigan (Porn Battle)
Root Beer Rag - New Girl: Nick/Jess (Remix)
How To Make a Bed - The Mindy Project: Mindy/Danny (Remix)
He's Going Off-Book (Five Movie Lines Danny Botched) - The Mindy Project: Mindy/Danny
Friends at First Sight - The Mindy Project: Mindy/Danny
Military Intelligence - Sherlock: John/Moran, John/Mycroft (Sherlock Remix)
Certainty - Sherlock: Sherlock+Mycroft (Sherlock Remix)
Kiss the Cook - Captain America movies: Steve/Bucky, Steve/Natasha, Steve/Sam (birthday)
Two Hotel Rooms and a Cab - The Mindy Project: Mindy/Danny
Plaid, Extra-Small - New Girl: girl!Nick/Jess, Winston/Cece (Sitcomathon)
Speak Low - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Jack/Rosie, Jack+Tabby, Jack/Phryne (birthday)
The Perfectionist - Selfie: Eliza/Henry
Bloop - Cabin Pressure: Arthur/OFC, Martin/OMC, Carolyn/OMC, Douglas/OFC
The Ryan Effect - Possession (2008): Roman+Ryan, Ryan/Jess, Roman/Casey, Roman/Jess (Yuletide)
Double Down - My Boys: PJ/Brando (Yuletide)
The Size of Dreaming - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Phryne/Jack (Yuletide)
Words - Little Women: Jo/Laurie (Yuletide)
If Bare Limbs You Like - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Phryne/Jack (Yuletide)

So what did I actually do in 2014? Read more...Collapse )

I hope we all get to do amazing things in 2015!

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