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"Way Better Than a Ghost" (SPN gen, G) - birthday ficlet!
the boys hold each other up
For heidi8, who asked for a Supernatural birthday fic featuring Disney World/Disney Land. It's gen, pre-series, rated G. Beta by the indispensible janissa11. Happy birthday!

"Way Better Than a Ghost"

"Dean, what'd she do?" Sammy asks. That girl's handcuffed to some man, and the guy isn't walking slow even though her legs are way littler than his. She doesn't look old enough to do anything really bad.

Dean doesn't even have to look up from his walkie-talkie. He just knows who Sammy means, and he says, "That's her dad, Sammy. He's making sure he doesn't lose her." Dean looks around for a second, real fast, like he doesn't like all the bright colors. "This place is crazy."

"Uh-huh." Sammy isn't going to argue when he's finally where he wanted to be. "Dad said I could go on any ride I wanted, right?"

"Yeah," Dean says. He doesn't sound real excited.

"You wanna pick first?"

Dean looks surprised. "Nah, Sammy, it's your day. Whatever you want."

If he has the whole day, he can work up to what he wants most. "Okay." Sammy looks around for the shortest line he can find. "Teacups!"

He runs, dragging Dean by the hand.


The Teacups are fun, and Space Mountain is even better. Dean looks kinda funny after they get back out into the light, though.

There's some lady standing there holding barf bags. "Where're your parents?" she asks. Her voice is real loud cause she's got a walkman blasting, and Sammy forgets what he's supposed to say.

Dean takes a deep breath and says, "They're just getting some food. They said we could go on this one ride by ourselves." And then Sammy remembers to nod like Dean isn't telling lies, and even to point to where the snack bar is.

The lady smiles and turns her music back on and waves to them as they walk by.


It looks like it's getting dark, and Sammy knows it's now or never. "Haunted House, please," he says.

He has to say it again because Dean is talking into the walkie-talkie. Dean nods but doesn't move, and it's so unfair that Sammy isn't going to get to go -

"Hey, boys," Dad says, sneaking up on them. Sammy jumps up and Dad catches him. "Where to?"

"Sammy wants to go to the haunted house," Dean says, and Sammy can feel Dad staring at the top of his head.

"Sammy, are you sure?" Dad asks.

"Yes!" he says, wiggling down. "Let's go!" he shouts, grabbing their hands and running.


This haunted house is really scary. It's dark and kind of green, and it's hard to see anything. Dad puts him up on his shoulders, and that helps a little. Now he can see Dean, and Dad's hands are tight around his legs.

The pictures on the walls are creepy, and maybe this was a bad idea.

Dean's being brave, walking in front of Dad like he's not scared of anything, looking at everything without getting spooked. When a big ghost jumps out at them, Sammy pulls Dad's hair too tight, and Dad puts him back down on the ground. He holds onto Dad with one hand and Dean with the other.

The haunted house takes forever, and it doesn't work. Dean looks all blurry when they get out, and then Dean reaches out and hugs him and wipes his wet cheeks. He can't stop crying and shaking, and finally Dad pulls him away from Dean and picks him up. Dad's shoulder is even warmer than Dean's, and Dad's big hand feels good against his back.

"Were you scared, Sammy?" Dad asks, and he tries to shake his head. Dad puts him down and looks at him. "Were you?" He shakes his head again and Dad smiles. "Good man," he says.

Sammy turns to Dean, who's coming at him with a tissue. "Blow," Dean says, and he blows till his ears pop.


Dad tucks them into one of the beds before he goes back out to finish his job. Sammy snuggles closer to Dean, but Dean's hands and feet are cold.

"Mom wasn't there, Sammy," Dean says, soft like Dad's still in the room. "You didn't mess up."

Dean knows.

"But she's dead, right? She's a ghost? She coulda been there."

"No. Mom wouldn't be at this place when she had all of heaven to go to. She's not a ghost, either. She's an angel. They're way better."

"Yeah," Sammy agrees. Under the blankets, he moves a little closer to Dean.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.


Oh, Dean. Oh, Sam. Oh boys...

I just want to make sure nothing bad happens to them ever again!

Oh, Wee!Sam! And Dean. He's such a good older brother, and Sam! Looking for Mary! *sniffs*

Our boys are the best! Thanks!

Aw this is so cute hon! And poor wee Sam looking for Mom! And bless Dean that he *knew*. AW!

(nb - "They're just getting some food. They said we could go on this one ride by themselves." - shouldn't 'themselves' be 'ourselves'?? *confused*)

Do I use my Disney icon or my FLAIL icon? Because this is DISNEY and WINCHESTERS and FLAIL BECAUSE IT IS AMAZINGLY PERFECT.
Made of win and love and adoration and oh squee.

And I'm off to Disneyland tomorrow and I'm going to save it to my handheld and reread it on the Haunted House and think of Sammy and Dean and just sigh.

Thank you so so so so much!

(Deleted comment)
Everything they do makes me weepy! They are wonderful!

Thank you!

Dean looks all blurry when they get out, and then Dean reaches out and hugs him and wipes his wet cheeks. He can't stop crying and shaking, and finally Dad pulls him away from Dean and picks him up.

I'm guessing the first Dean was supposed to be Sam?

"No. Mom wouldn't be at this place when she had all of heaven to go to. She's not a ghost, either. She's an angel. They're way better."

Aw, my poor boys. This made me wanna cry. Sweet story :).


Is it available for the ruthless stealing?

As always, right? The Winchesters rule!

*sniffles* I was all prepared for this to be a lovely, sweet, Sam is a cute kid and Dean is a great big brother, fic and then you had to go and devastate me. It's just the kind of weird, stupid, somehow-right idea kids come up with, and I loved that Dean knew that was what he'd been thinking.

Sammy is so transparent to Dean - and I absolutely love that, because it speaks to the bond they have as brothers. They're so wonderful.

Thank you so much!

(Deleted comment)
Poor Sammy!


That was great. I just loved Dean coming after Sammy with a kleenex and demanding he "blow" - and Sammy does like it's nothing unusual!

Dean was *so* Sammy's mummy substitute!

Dean is absolutely the mommy - and Sammy needs him to be.

Thanks so much!

Oh my. Mary is an angel. Dean said so.

Great job.

I can't imagine that Dean lost his faith until a little later, after he'd seen more of what they hunt, seen the toll it took on his dad, etc. Right now, he still believes (at least somewhat) and he *knows* Sammy needs to believe, so.


(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much! I'm pleased you enjoyed this!

Dean knows.

Of course he does! *g*.

Lovely and sweet and sad. Oh boys!

Of course Dean knows!


oh! what a sucker punch with sammy looking for mom the whole time! i loved dean in this, talking on his walkie talkie and shoving tissues in sammy's face and knowing why his brother's sad...

Dean really is the best mommy. Thanks so much!

Lovely. I was expecting something funny and fluffy, and you gave us poignant and heartbreaking. Your Sam voice was absolutely perfect. *sniffles quietly into hankie*

It's such a treat to write the boys when they're this small - I'm so glad you think the voice was right.


The last part is such a punch. I liked the detail of Dean wiping Sam's nose. Very sweet stroy, but so sad.

There's that utterly lovely icon!

I'm so pleased this worked for you - thanks!

aaand kapow!

Love the way it resolves, those poor, darling boys!

Oh! Poor Wee!Sammy! I didn't see that coming at all! Great writing!

Oh, I'm glad this surprised you! Thanks!

(Deleted comment)
They need to have only good things happen to them from now on, right?

Thank you very much!

oh, sammy. that's such a little kid thing, to not understand that the haunted house isn't real and you're not going to see an actual ghost. (altho, being winchesters, it's possible they would expect to see an actual ghost.) i love that he just wanted to see his mom, and that dean understood.

(and i admit the image of wee sammy freaking out and pulling on john's hair makes me grin. so cute.)

The hair-pulling is a personal favorite moment, so yay!

And yes, Sammy's got it all logically worked out, poor kid. Thank goodness he's got Dean.

Thank you very much!

What an awesome gift for Heidi!

Love that Dean grokked his Sammy. Love Dad faking him out by signaling him on the walkie and then sneaking up behind them - a rare "Dad" moment - and carrying Sam on his shoulders until Sam yanks his hair.

And that they're both young enough that the cynicism hasn't run through Dean completely...yet.


Dean always knows what's going on with Sammy, I think. Thanks so much!

So, so sweet, hon. Typical Sam, saving the best (most important) for last. Typical Dean, knowing what's ailing Sam. Wonderful story! *adores*

Thank you so much! Glad the boys seemed in character to you!

sniff. Sam and Dean are breaking my heart. (Also, that's rather clever of Sam to try to look for Mary there.)

They do it ALL THE TIME to me! And they're not even sorry!


Well, damn.

That was so cute. I'm a sucker for Wee!Chester fics - they're amazing. This is no exception. I love the idea of Sam thinking that is logically the place where his mum is, and i love how Dean was onto him the whole time.

Its cool that.. Sam actually wasn't scared when asked by his dad. He wasn'y just lying to him. I don't know, i thought that was nice?

Loved it =)

Sam Love <3

I get what you mean about Sammy not lying to John - they might not ever have been as close as Dean and Sammy, but that doesn't mean it was always bad. I'm so pleased you liked this!

Oh my god.

This comment was gonna be all about fairs, and childhood memories, and how very cute they are, and I loved the dramatic irony, and the part where Sam gets put back down for pulling Dad's hair, but man. That ending.

I hope you can hear the sounds of me patching my heart up over your evol cackling.

Dude, the hair-pulling was a must-have moment for me when I was writing this.

I am WAY too dignified to cackle! I just do a Mr. Burns impression. exxxxxxcellent!!!



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