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A question, a fantasy, a promise - All SPN!
dean works
Hi, everybody!

I have one quick question about "Playthings": Sam very clearly says that Ava was taken by the Demon, right? Why does he assume that Ava is an innocent victim? Throughout "Simon Said," he was convinced that Andy was a killer, even though the one time Andy actually killed someone, it was in defense of others. And Sam's made it clear that his fear is that the Demon will make all the kids with powers into killers. So why doesn't he think that the Demon pushed Ava into slicing up her fiancé? Seriously, this has been bugging me, so please help me make sense of it.

And, in a shocking turn of events, I learned that work does not have to be a joyless place all the time. I let one of the girls I work with borrow my copy of the BBC version of North and South, telling her that Richard Armitage's John Thornton had replaced Colin Firth as my go-to guy for TV literary adaptations. We then started talking about the different versions of Pride and Prejudice, and agreed that the casting of Bingley is always a stumbling block. Two giddy English majors geeking out, we came to the realization that Bingley should be straightforwardly hot, jock-hot, and that Darcy should be intriguing rather than hot. But the Bingleys we've seen tend to be sort of goofy rather than charming, dumb rather than appealingly physical. So we decided to cast it ourselves. After failing to come up with age-appropriate actors for an embarrassingly long time, I had an epiphany and decided that Jared should be Bingley and Jensen should be Darcy. Jared's size and enthusiasm and easy charm! Jensen's reserve and shyness! This could work, people!

And lastly, a promise. I have something (two somethings, actually, one good and one not) going on in real life that means I'm not going to be writing again until March. I will be finishing my mini-NaNo, writing several more BEN AND DEAN scenes (thank you to everyone who participated in my poll!), and also starting a long AU once I'm free to write again.

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*claps hands over eyes because haven't seen Playthings yet*

YAY To BBC North and South. *Pets beeb*

But hee hee to Jared and Jensen as Darcy and Bingley. I can see that!! *feels a bit faint at the thought of the outfits*

Jensen is very straightforwardly hot though, for Darcy, hee, (but then Colin Firth is some would say but I digress) but he could definitely work the proud/intriguing vibe. And Jared definitely Bingley. I agree that Bingley often is goofy rather than charming - although Jared could deffo get hints of that in if needs be. Ahhhhhh. Pride and Prejudice. I do love it, even though it's about time they adapted something else!

Yay to good RL thing and boo bad to RL thing. At least you'll be writing again when I might possibly be online to read it (to be selfish).

It's really not spoilery. Just a comment that Sam makes.

Yes, things other than P&P need to be made, but can't you just see it?!?

I was actually kidding I totally read the playthings bit, ha ha! And I'm curious too. I assumed Ava had run off having found her husband like that, Sam in pilot stylee. Although I guess Sam is thinking - if she's run off to find out what's happening *surely* she'd call him, as the only person she knows who knows anything about it?

And I guess it means that something bad has happened to her, cause the show isn't usually so subtle as to give that hint then do the opposite.

And yes. Made of awesome. Please let me see a Jane Austen Special Episode of SN like, now, please :)

That Sam thing makes sense - he knows Ava does have a way to contact him.

Don't know if I need the P&P thing to happen on the show, exactly, but maybe future roles?

and cos i was replying from email and therefore remembering your comments not very well - i guess those are his options - either she's run off and hasn't called (no) , either she's crazy (sam doesn't want ot believe that) or she's been taken. Why he doesn't believe she's gone crackers i dont know. because he believes it's a gradual slide and it would have happened too soon? Cause he lurves her

And I see below you are thinking about girls to be elizabeth bennett etc? that is difficult. hmmm.

More than any of the other "psychic kids" like him, Ava really is like Sam in terms of power. I don't think he can contemplate her being evil, because that would reflect on him. He pushed her to walk away from him, to live the life he no longer could, but that was taken from her (as he sees it) the same way it was taken from him.

Also, he thinks she's cute, and crushing on Evil! wouldn't work with his current plan.

I get what you're saying, but Sam seems to accept that he could become evil - the same way he regards the other special boys as evil or being pushed to be evil - Ava seems like a blind spot for him, you know?

Sam very clearly says that Ava was taken by the Demon, right? Why does he assume that Ava is an innocent victim?

It might be because he and Dean have been looking for Ava for a month, without success. ("Croatoan" and "Hunted" were supposed to air together, and then the hiatus before "Playthings.") The Demon has never been shy about showing up to mock the Winchesters. So, Sam could reasonably (but maybe not correctly) assume that no news is very bad news.

Also, hi! *waves*

I've missed you!

I just gave someone a link to "In Harm's Way" and it reminded me that I've been wanting to email you for weeks to find out how you're doing.

That's a good point about the month of searching. Hmmm.

I took a few months' break from all things fandomy to work on my novel. And while that is going fairly well, you know how it is when you quit something cold turkey. I confess. I've been sneaking back and reading fic on the sly. And, um... writing it, too. (Nothing finished yet, though.)

I thought of something else re: your question. Sam might also be applying Meg's example to Ava. Meg was possessed, and not by choice. Sam may not be willing to accept yet that somebody (e.g., Sam himself) would turn evil of their own free will. Therefore, whether Ava has turned evil or not, in Sam's way of thinking, the Demon has still taken her.

Yes, that makes sense - an interesting way for Sam to be thinking about it.

Ooh, novel! How exciting! Please feel free to share details if you choose to, okay?

I'm one of those "If I tell you about it, I won't write it." writers. So, I'll just say it's young adult, and scary, and it involves cheerleaders; and that my original fic is just as crack-fueled as my fanfic.

I started the project as a NaNoWriMo novel, although it took me more than a month to finish the first draft. The second draft (the one I'm working on now) is more than twice as long. Argh. It's creeping up on the 400 page mark. It's almost finished, though. Thank God. I've reached that point -- (I know you know the one I mean.) -- when you go slightly insane with wanting the story to be "born."

I wrote the NaNo version in 2004 (pre-Supernatural) -- and I named the protagonist's 17 year-old brother Dean. I thought about re-naming him, because that was kinda confusing. But, Dean had already claimed his name, and it seemed wrong to call him anything else. So, I gave up, and decided I'd picture him looking like a teenage Jensen Ackles, and if he wanted to act a bit Dean Winchester-ish, I'd let him. Problem solved! :-D

That sounds incredibly exciting! I am cheerleading you on, sugar! Get ready for the birth-pangs!

If you ever do want an outsider's eye for it, though, let me know. I miss reading your writing!

ps - In what way is looking or acting like Dean EVER going to be a bad thing? Um, except for skinwalkers. Right. Never mind.

Actually - and i can't play the ep right now to confirm - but he basically says that the demon took Ava 'god knows where' and there really wasn't a 'she's turned evil and hopped it with him' tone or suggestion at *all*.

Gee, i need to rewatch that...

Right, exactly. Sam believes Ava is still innocent, but he's never before believed any of the special kids could be innocent, so why her?

Hrmmmmm... Maybe because he's just doing that 'i knew her and liked her and she's *not evil*!' kind of thing that

Or maybe the ring makes him think it was a forced deal and not something by choice...

I think he's just latching on to the 'she can't be evil' thing much like Dean did with Andy because to admit that Ava was evil is to admit that he could be/might become that, too, and denial is better than acceptence when it comes to such things.

Of course, he sorta lets that go later, but...that's pretty much what i think it is.

Or maybe he just thinks that no way would the demon let Sam live, much less rescue his brother and send Gordon to jail, so he's thinking no way is Ava evil since she *helped* him.

All good points. Hmmm, it just doesn't quite add up for me, that's all.

Ahahah J&J in P&P! You're right! Jensen is so weird and awkward, but I could totally see him making the Darcy turnaround because his Momma raised him well or something. Who are the charming sisters? Does this mean Chad Michael Murray is Wickham? :)

Ha! We got so caught up in casting the boys that I think we didn't do much with the female roles. Hmmm. I'd kind of like to see Jake Gyllenhaal as Wickham, actually - I bet he could play a charming liar really well.

Let's think about the girls. I'm totally drawing a blank right now. D'oh!

I think Sam's thinking the demon took Ava instead of her going willingly is tied up in his hope that he won't go bad. It was one thing to think that when it was all unsubstantiated but now that he's got confirmation that John thought the same thing he is really truly freaked out about it. Like if he thinks of Ava as not going dark side then maybe he can keep himself from it too. I don't think there's any real rational thought on his part just subconscious hoping things won't take a turn for the even worse, which strikes me as a very Winchester way of dealing (or not dealing as the case may be) with things.



Yes, you're totally right - before John's charge to Dean, Sam's evilness was all a little more hypothetical. Now it's become a possible reality. Huh. Poor Sammy.

Mmm, Richard Armitage...

Sorry, you were saying?

Yeah. About Ava... we just don't know yet. Maybe there's a time window, or something. Hmm.

I think Jared and Jensen would would be lovely as Bingley and Darcy. Whee! (Still eagerly awaiting Rupert Penry-Jones as Capt. Wentworth later this spring, though. Eee!)

Dick Hawk-Monitor as Frederick Wentworth? I'm . . . not sure it can be done, especially not with Ciaran Hinds looming so large in my memory. Huh.

Mmmmm indeed to Richard Armitage! He just GOT Thornton, and I thought DDA equally GOT Margaret.

Oh, these boys! I want to know that they (Jensen especially) have varied, long, and interesting careers ahead of them.

But... there's something nasty in the woodshed! Come on! (Must reread. Don't know if I can get hold of the film again, though.) But have you seen RPJ in anything else lately? Really like him in Spooks/MI-5.

YES. And I really, really like Thornton as a character so I was so glad the adaption got him, too. I mean, it wasn't the usual socialistic all non-working class people are EV0L offensive thing; it was honest, intelligent people being honest about how they perceive the world. And yes, I really like Margaret and DDA's portrayal too.

Yes. I mean, I like Jared well enough, but it's not like I've never said I'm here for Jensen and the XF vibe.

As for Ava, well... sometimes Jared goes wrong on the delivery. We'll just have to wait and see.

Saw a few eps of MI-5 but quit watching fairly early because I got so frustrated with the constant commercials and the way the storylines got chopped up. Never saw RPJ on it, as far as I can remember.

Cold Comfort Farm: Oh, the book is glorious, isn't it? It's one of the few books that I think works very well on its own and the movie is equally compelling. And they did something very smart in cutting so many of the book's characters for the movie.

Is the new Persuasion a theater film or a TV film?

Ah, yes... I've heard that the episodes were dreadfully cut-up on US television. RPJ didn't enter the scene until season 3.

I can't recall the CCF movie; I can't even be sure I actually watched it. But I really liked the book. And usually, they cut lots of characters in film adaptions. :-)

It's one of the few books that I think works very well on its own
Umm, what do you mean, exactly?

What I meant was that, for me, reading the book and watching the movie, turned out to be experiences that granted the same amount of pleasure. Seeing the movie didn't ruin the book for me, and reading the book didn't make me dismiss the movie. Quite often, when I've loved a book, I feel like the movie just didn't do it justice, and my pleasure in the book is somehow tainted afterwards. But it didn't happen with this one. So much fun!

Ah. I always try to read the novel before watching any adaption -- if I haven't already. But though adaptions often fall short of my enjoyment of the book, I can't say it taints the experience of rereading. Maybe it's because movies/television don't usurp my imagination of the settings and the characters. Hmm. Must perhaps think on this a bit more...

But I'm glad that you weren't disappointed this time! :-)

It might have something to do with the fact that in Hunted, when they find Ava's fiance and are looking around the room, Dean (I think) finds sulfer on the window sill - therefore implying a demon was there.

Or I could be on crack.

Yes, that's true, but couldn't the Demon (or some demon) entered Ava? Ava could have been possessed, killed her fiance, and then run off in horror, right? That might have left sulfur behind too.

It very well might have.

DId I mention I have a fever?

I think there were several instances of 'spoon-feeding' in this episode (though I did ADORE it overall) and this may just be one such detail; Ava - demon got her. Accept it, it will be easier later...

*Jedi voice* This is not the plot detail upon which you are to focus.

*cough*WET SAM*cough*

Did I mention I have a fever?

Awww, take care of yourself! Try not to think about what the show evidently doesn't want us to think about!

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