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Supernatural vid ideas
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
So here are some of the songs I'm considering setting Supernatural vids to. Feel free to tell me what you like, what you hate, what you would do totally differently, etc. In no particular order (except for the last, since it's fairly bizarre):

(1) The Smiths: Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (Dean character study) listen
(2) Dire Straits: Sultans of Swing (Dean and Sam kicking ass and kicking back) listen
(3) Queen with David Bowie: Under Pressure (Dean and Sam) listen
(4) Kenny Wayne Shepherd: Blue on Black (Dean and Sam) listen
(5) Matthew Sweet: Devil with the Green Eyes (Dean, Sam, NotDean) listen
(6) Steve Winwood: Roll With It (Dean and Sam, again, kicking ass and kicking back) listen
(7) Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus (Dean, Sam, John) listen
(8) Billy Idol: Don't Need a Gun (Dean, Sam, John) listen
(9) Duran Duran: Lonely in Your Nightmare (Sam character study) listen
(10) Duran Duran: Ordinary World (Dean and Sam) listen
(11) Tom Petty: Running Down a Dream (Dean, Sam, Metallicar - how is this song still up for grabs?!?) listen
(12) Jessica Rabbit: Why Don't You Do Right (Dean, Sam, John, Meg) listen
(13) Baltimora: Tarzan Boy (Dean and Sam) listen
(14) Parliament: One Nation Under a Groove (Dean and Sam kicking ass) listen
(15) Osborne Brothers: Rocky Top (Dean, Sam, John) listen
(16) Otis Redding: Love Man (Dean, Sam, Cassie, Jess, various chiclets) listen
(17) Stray Cats: Stray Cat Strut (Dean, Sam, various chiclets) listen
(18) Widespread Panic: Ain't Life Grand (Dean character study) listen
(19) Yes: Owner of a Lonely Heart (Dean character study) listen
(20) Yello: Oh Yeah (who the hell cares?) listen
(21) Metric: Combat Baby (Dean and Sam) listen
(22) Marvin Gaye: Star-Spangled Banner (Dean, Sam, John - yeah, I told you it was strange) listen

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OMG. "Personal Jesus." YES. Yes yes yes. That would be the best song for a SPN vid EVER.

yes! And that whole "reach out and touch faith!" *bassline BOOMS* bit. Excellent.

Did you see the "Feeling Good" vid I made a few days ago?

You have hundreds of ideas!! Crikey. Aside from the fact that 'Tarzan boy' makes me giggle every time I hear it, I think the bassline in Under Pressure rocks, and Personal Jesus would be fab.

Do you take suggestions? Only that 'sexy boy' by Air makes me think of Dean, for obvious reasons. Not sure how good a vid it would make, but taking this opportunity to throw that in! Not that you need a suggestion with the many ideas you have above.

Oh, and 'Oh Yeah' - great, a 'comedy' sorta song, would make a different sorta vid I think.

Um, yeah, teeeensy bit obsessed.

The only problem is that since I'm unspoiled I don't know which ones I should make now and which ones would benefit from scenes from upcoming episodes.

Well I am totally and utterly spoiled but I don't like to say too much cos you're obviously unspoiled for a reason. Make the one that appeals to you most now I say.

I've got Sultans of Swing, Under Pressure, Personal Jesus, Lonely in Your Nightmare, Stray Cat Strut AND Gaye's Star Spangled Banner in my SN playlist.


Now I have to go add Rocky Top.

I also have Duran Duran's Chauffeur and Son of A Preacher Man and Joan Jett's Do Ya Wanna Touch on my wish lists for videos.

What is up with your icon? And I'm not moving out of your head. I like it here; I've got all my stuff just where I want it. Dude, I'm so glad "Sultans of Swing" makes sense to you in a Supernatural context. And I've never known anyone who's even heard the Gaye rendition of the national anthem. That man was just pure sex.

Will you be doing some vidding too while this hiatus drags out?

hee. I found my kitty icons while surfing. I heart them. I have 7 week old kitties now and they do stuff like that.
Me: No! That's too high to jump down
Kitty: No Fear! *jumps*
and I catch it and it gives me this look like "See? No Problem."

Sultans of Swing is all the pool hustling and credit fraud we don't get to see onscreen. It just fits the nomad life.

Mom has Marvin Gaye so that's where I know it. Never found it online though.

Alas. I have no vidding programs and am just now feeling my way around icon making.

There are two things I want very much to be able to master.

One is a voice that is both lilting and menacing. The best example I ever found of this was the priest/headmaster on The Bernie Mac Show, who was given to saying things like, "So watch out, Little Sisters of the Poor!" in a lovely raspy brogue.

And the second is the kind of withering, disdainful look that only cats and Summer Glau-as-River Tam have perfected.

Hee. This one is my Sam kitty at 2 weeks old. (yes I named the twins Sam and Dean. All my pets are named after fictional characters.)
SammyKitten has that stare down pat. He weighs 12 oz but you feel smaller.

Wow, Sammy's working the Manson lamps.

And yes, that's exactly how I see "Sultans of Swing." If only it weren't all offscreen! sigh

Joan Jett Do Ya Wanna Touch. Just adding a big yes.. to that.

hee. Don'tcha mean "yeah... oh, yeah"?

*giggles like the 12 year old she is*

If you've got the song you should hit mute on the tv and watch Cassie and Dean to it. If you cue it right, Dean's back kind moves in synch. I actually discovered this by accident - truly. But the image is imbedded now and will.not.leave.

Kat, I don't have the song but *giggle* now I'm going to be forced to download and watch Route at the same time becuase I must see Dean's back moving in sync!! Hee Hee!!

Oh, hell. Send me the song, please. YSI or MU - I can use either one.

Did I ever send you this? (Joan Jett's Do You Wanna Touch Me - goes oddly in time to Dean's moving back in Route 666)

I just found a post it telling me "Load wanna touch for innie"... I *hope* this is what it means...

Hee! I love your cryptic post-it note! Thanks for the song!

Yeah - I actually found the note Tuesday. I just figured out what it meant this morning.

Oh and Shinedown's Burning Bright!!!!
I feel like there is no need for conversation
Some questions are better left without a reason
And I would rather reveal myself than my situation
Now and then I consider, my hesitation
The more the light shines through me
I pretend to close my eyes
The more the dark consumes me
I pretend I'm burning, burning bright

Son of a Preacher Man

I have the others too if you want any.

I'm giddy waiting for these!

Let me work through these and then I'll come around and beg for more.

Yay Winchesters!

Your music tastes are scarily similar to mine.

Sultans of Swing, Lonely in Your Nightmare, Running Down a Dream and Stray Cat Strut are absolutely perfect. Owner or a Lonely Heart and Roll With It are pretty damn good, too.

How about Duran Duran's Wild Boys for Sam and Dean kicking butt?

If I vidded (which I don't), I'd make a Dean, Sam and John vid to Warren Zevon's My Shit's Fucked Up, because if that's not the Winchester family anthem, I don't know what is.

Hi honey!

"Wild Boys" brings up . . . middle-school memories, so I'm steering clear of that one, though I agree that it would fit this show like a dream.

I'll look for the WZ song.

Did your fic sort itself out?

I'll look for the WZ song.

Try here

Did your fic sort itself out?

I think it might be getting there. I have an idea, but I want to sleep on it before I decide if it's workable or not. Maybe I could run it by you tomorrow?

I won't be around tomorrow, but you can of course email me and I'll get back to you sometime on Monday.

apologies for hijacking your journal. Wild Boys is middle school for you? Gah. I feel old. Away wit'ya!

I'm 29, dude.

And you're not hijacking anything. I love getting to chat like this!

I am nearly 29!! Sorry, just, that pleased me! Am listening to Joan Jett over and over and over....

Any narrowing down on the song choice yet Kunju?

I was going to say, in an attempt to help, yet not give away anything about future ep's, I don't think it gives much away to say - I think we'll see HotDad some more, so anything John/family centric it might be a good idea to wait for? And bound to be more girls so the chiclets ones I'd wait on...? But then you could say that about a lot of it, I guess. Always gonna be more good stuff to add in!!

Will be 30 in October; when's your birthday?

girl_wonder was having a crappy day, so I offered to let her pick the song for the next vid, and she went with "Sultans of Swing." We'll see how that works out.

Thanks for the very discreet hints - I want to stay unspoiled, and having friends who respect that really helps.

29 next Tuesday!!!

Ah Kicking ass and kicking back, I look forward to it!

That's alright, I'd hate to be spoiled if I was trying not to find out. I hope the hints were discreet enough!!

Aww, early happy birthday, honey!

Aw why thank you. Now if only someone could deliver me Dean, all wrapped up in a pretty bow, I couldn't ask for a better present! ;)

Check your email baby!

#19 perfect choice for Dean

I too would have said "Wild Boys" as well (I'm 31) & also "Blaze of Glory" by Jon Bon Jovi and "Living on the Edge by Aerosmith.

Thanks for the input! I did make one full-length vid a few days ago but now I think I'm going to try to get back to my writing and put vidding on the back burner. But I'm also a compulsive liar, so who knows what the next thing I post will be.

As many others have mentioned, I would also to see Personal Jesus. Great song...perfect for Dean...

I have it on my Dean playlist, as well as Manson's version on my FauxDean playlist. (I kinda have parallel playlists for them...the original vs. the naughty, nasty, (but still hot) Highway to Hell is also on my Dean playlist, with Manson's version of it on my FauxDean playlist.)

Oh, and can I say, I'd be up to a vid to anything Panic...but Ain't Life Grand would be pretty damn cool...

As soon as my home computer stops malingering, I will start vidding again.

So many votes for "Personal Jesus"! That is definitely moving up the list.

Just have to say, I love Combat Baby! Love it.

I know! I can't even remember now how I first heard that song, but it just WORKS, you know?

I absolutely love Combat Baby by Metric... It would make a fabulous Dean & Sam vid!! xx

As soon as I get a vidding program to work on my computer again, I'll start cranking out the vids.

Yay!! Looking forward to them. :)

If you could make a Cassie/Dean video, that'd be really sweet. Your fanfic "Lacuna" is blowing me away as we speak. Consider it, thanks!

Thanks so much for the kind words! Unfortunately, my vidding program crashed several months ago (pretty much right after I posted this list) and I haven't figured out how to fix it, so I'm actually incapable of vidding right now. As soon as I get the program running again, though, I'm going to work on this list and I'll remember your request.

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